we were monoliths
out on the grass where it was Spring
and not a funeral/birthday celebration
of someone or other's bearded man child
with the face of a young Magi
(he wasn't cherubic, or maybe angels
are supposed to be men
like us?)

we were feasting on eternity's dust,
concrete in our lips and cemented tongues,
but our legs-
our feet were winged drops of Mercury
left behind by a fleeing God
as he ran from the Roman explosions that
dwarfed Pompeii-

but it's not the dance that matters when you're waltzing like we did;
it's the way we moved,
the way we screamed,
the way our hearts fibrillated at the culmination
of the last slow dance that boy/man and girl/? shared
before they were

before they burned into each other
like something flame.able and all that matters
is that rocking,
relentless wave of radiation
from some toxic sick part of humanity
that doesn't matter who you are
some animalistic sense to preserve
the plight of humanity
and save us from ourselves
by instinctive reactions

.we were set in stone.

we eroded
like lime or diamond
will bite into its sistersbrotherslovers-
and we melted into a core of
something not quite magma
but a viscous ooze
of rock and fire

that made up for those few DNA strands away from Daffodils.