The Platform Anthology

Author's Notes: What is the Platform? The Platform, dear readers, is a world of ancient miracles and modern oppression. And technically, it's not even a world. Instead, it is an orbital platform with Earth-like gravity and its own atmosphere. The Platform also has its own ecosystem, comprising Earth like organisms, genetically engineered "cousins," and things complex beyond description. It is shaped like a ruler, and is divided down the middle by the Great River. Along the Great River are three human nations, each regressed to a roughly medieval level of technology. At one end of the world is Ghalos, a feudal theocracy based on Imperial Spain and pre-revolutionary France. In the middle is Jakar, an archipelago of tropical islands. It's based on Southeast Asia and Polynesia, with an Italian style oligarchy ruling over it. Last is Choyun, a nation based on feudal China. There's much more to this world, readers. That, I will let you find out firsthand on the following pages.