reputable disgrace

I was waiting for you
waiting for you
waiting for you to make My case
to the jury- about why
I am such a reputable disgrace
because I lost one of My earrings
in your pocket
and did not have the time
to search the place?

disgrace, disgrace
decked out in latin and lace
stuffing rocks in Her shoes
oh, there's nothing left to lose-
She is as fine as an Auschwitz Victim
with fake fur hand grenades
because this is not the age
to be prominent
oh, it is such a fucking sin
to be believable these days.

believablity is honesty,
a hedonistic, potentionally terroristic
threat to the elementary
You should be young
with your gossip mags &
ten-dollar cover girl contract
oh, don't You know
how a girl is supposed to act
these days?
(these days, the days oh. the times
they haven't changed.)

NO shame, NO shame,
in My abdomen, in My breasts
in My chest-
in the heart I am lighting ON FUCKING FIRE/

run. run. run.
She's got Her gun
it was named number one
by the new york times
oh, so come on, freud
fucking analyze
this now
this now
this now

A Vixen With An Opinion Has The Floor

run. run. run.
and She won't be the only one-

(stop. run.)
(i think We're just beginning to have some fun)

this time
this time

My Life Is Going To Be Mine

that was the last time you will ever have Our guns
so RUN---------

I think We're just beginning to have some fun.