Oh what to write on a day like this?

So many sorrows - I'm sure to never miss -

One night of terror, another of tears....

Sitting in the dark, alone with my fears

World crashing down around me

The walls are finally cracked

And I'm shaking in the middle

Trying to find out how it all happened

Abandoned by myself

Finally, I stand alone

Rocking from the absolute shock

Who knew it'd be done?

Like this - yet so far removed

It's like watching a play

Only, I'm the main character -

And I still don't know my lines

When does it end?

They say I only have to wait six months

To move on to the next stage in my production...

Six months is a long time to wait

How to survive?

What ever shall I do?

The tears and prayers can only do so much...

And yet I remain so far-removed from you

You, my shelter in this storm-

My light at the end of the tunnel-

It is to you I run; to you I carry my fears

Only today is the first time you can hold me in two weeks...

And I wait for night to come and bring you -