You don't know my pain, you don't understand.

You don't wake up each morning wishing you were dead.

Getting away from you family at school isn't the only good thing for you.

You don't spend your days surrounded by "friends" who don't care.

"Friends" who only bother with you when they feel like it.

You don't go home each day and sit in your dark room alone.

Alone crying, cutting, sleeping, anything to get rid of the pain.

You don't write stupid poems hopeing someone might read them.

Hopeing that someone will truely try to help you.

You don't pray for one person to show they care.

One person, any person to really care for once.

I've had enough of your pretending, your fake sympothy.

I want you to know one thing, one very important thing.

The next time you bother to see me, may be the last time.