A spirit flies over green hills and grassy meadows
Screaming in despair, she cries,
"Eviction of evil! Death of Death!"
But silence retains its anger
The spirit reaches the end of all ends
And crying in misery, she screams,
"A lost evil! A coma lies!"
And then, finally, she receives a reply
The sun set and the moon glowing in growing fear
A voice resounds from the depths of a cave
"A destiny fulfilled. A hope done."
And the spirit stops and rests in the darkness,
In a cave, filled with the stench of confusion
But lo and behold!
Darkness begins to fall back to shadow
And a light emitted gives strength
The spirit smiles and sinks to the floor
"Thank you. Fate has been restored."
A swift swing of the axe,
A silent cry,
And the spirit sinks into shadow,