"He'll never understand how nervous he makes me

How my heart pounds in my chest

And my hands shake

Half the time, it's subconscious,

How weak I feel with his arms around me.

God, how I trust him!

But that seems to be the problem

For that fact alone scares me,

How easily I surrender

How quickly I give in

This hold over me is unnatural

Something mere words cannot describe;

One look and all my thoughts slip away

One touch and I wonder how much more I can take

Before he sees straight to my soul

That piece of me that is so well hidden

To a human's naked eye

That part I keep locked deep inside.

I shiver that it might be found

That I would be that vulnerable,

That helpless

And he'd know my truest fears:

That I couldn't live without him."

5/26/2005 10:49am.