Intermittent silence
Upon the winter air
Sudden supposed happiness
Some to make you care

Mistletoe hanging low
Dangling to my head
Undecided blasphemy
Moves my feet as lead

The frost bites close
A sorrow bids adieu
Once more the happiness ends
As far as I can construe

Laughing, chorusing voices
Children down the street
So must the foggy air
As ringing bells do meet

The snow flocks to my head
My breath so cold
You see me in the distance
Under rocks so bold

The crushing blackness
Under my fallen cave
No breath from the winter
No one out to save

For once was happy
Will be once more
For now I sit
Scraped badly and sore

The tears from my eyes
Pouring rain down my face
Does warm the savanna
Though listless in grace

Shivering sorrow
That once pleasant tone
Does hum in my ears
Bell turned to stone

A light reaches through
The rubble falls down
Daylight shines in
Light on my frown

The hand rummages through
Stone begins to shift
A breeze moves freely
As lofty as a gift

From out of the winter
I take one lonely step
To take the hand of my friend
My heart is now kept

Summer breeze on skin
Moist air in hair
The languid motion
Time moves through the fair

For happiness does come
Once more it breaks my heart
Through silence and destruction
Keep winter from a start