Why did I bother?

Tell me, why did I care?

I just hoped you'd changed

I guess it just wasn't to be

Why weren't you honest?

Was it to much to ask

That you just tell me why?

You made me feel worthless, foolish

Was I just another person there for you to use?

What gives you the right?

The right to fool me,

Hurt me, break my heart?

I thought you'd changed

But no, wrong again.

So you want to know

What I "want to do"?

I'll tell you this much:

Nothing with you.

It's too bad we can't go back

Back to what I thought we were

But you, you didn't think

Didn't believe in us, in me

And that tore me down,

Brought me down

To where I'd never get back up.

And I hope you're happy now,

'Cause you've driven me away

And now you've got nothing left

But your using ways.

And I will not be fooled by you again,

For I will only be betrayed once.