When your veins are filled

With acid,

Running rampant through your body,


Eating through your flesh

And making you cry out in pain.

When you are rendered unable to

Do anything but sit and stare

Blankly at the wall

Clutching a stuffed animal

And a security blanket,

And all you do is sigh

And wonder

"What did I do wrong this time?"

When everything seems inadequate,

Especially within yourself.

Your eyebrows are too close together,

Your fingers are too short,

You have ugly ears,

And that zit on your chin just won't disappear.

At least you can blame that zit

On the acid inside you

Which is slowly seeping through your pores.

When the things that you used to love

Have become stupid and

Nothing matters anymore.

When all you want to do is cry,

But your pride is too big

To let you.

When you cry anyway,

On your knees on the floor of the living room,

With your hands clasped together,



For somebody to lift the weight off your


Thisis what guilt


An acidic substance that

Makes you want to

Fall over and