(Kyra's POV)

Here goes nothing…

Allen took my hand, "Ready?" His dimples shown as I scrunched my nose. Opening the door, he tugged me behind, snickering.

The hallway grew as silent as the grave as heads turned to gape. I was the one girl that was envied and hated. It was the most uncomfortable moment that could've ever happened. Shit. To make things worse, I wasn't even in my clothes again. Ashten lent me some more, but this time it consisted of some really short shorts and a lacy lime green spaghetti strap shirt with flip flops. She had tied my hair back into a French braid complete with a bow to match. I don't know why I let her do that little extra, but I'm guessing that it had everything to do with the guy walking slightly ahead, our hands clasped still. He had taken one look at me before stating how I would melt any guy's heart. He almost made me change clothes. Cue shudder. Hah! I actually feel like maybe I could really be pretty when he gives me thatlook. He still wore his jeans, but today he had on a black t-shirt. I tightened my grip while reminiscing of the night before.

"Hey, hey man!" Mark jogged up. "So, you two an item now?"

He nodded in my direction and chuckled.

"Yeah, can't you tell? I would've thought it obvious." He grinned back at me and winked, turning my cheeks a pink tint.

The halls went from completely silent to full of outraged and jealous gossips and whispers. Mark joined us walking to our lockers all the way high fiving his friends.

Allen's locker was void of any of his friends. He didn't look shocked as he released my hand to open it and exchange his bag for some books.

"Did you need to get anything?" He laced his fingers with mine again and cocked his head.

"Everything I have is at Lee's house."

Shit. I couldn't even think about going back there. It would have to happen sooner or later though. Allen had loaded me up with Ibuprophen before we left and so it didn't hurt too much at the moment. My face was looking better too.

He nodded in response, "You can use some of my things until you get yours back."

We headed for English and as we stepped through the door, all conversation died again. This was beginning to get thoroughly annoying.

"Do you have a problem?" I glared at a few of the girls in front and my hand was squeezed.

We took two of the seats in the back, as far away from everyone as we could get. In other words, not very.

"Hey, we need to talk." He stretched his arms over his head and then reached for my hand again.

"Oh? About what?" I looked around to see some girls still watching and Ray texting somebody. At least hisattention was elsewhere. God was at least giving me some kind of a break today.

"Well, about your father…" I gave him a stern look, "Sorry, I meant Lee."

Sighing, "What about?"

He brushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear and let his fingers linger on my cheek where the bruise had turned to a soft blue hue.

"I think you should go to the police station and report him."

Damn. He would say something like that.

"There's just one thing wrong with that idea- he'd kill me." I used my left hand to draw an imaginary circle around my face and stomach to emphasize my point.

"Not if I'm there with you. I could even grab Aiden should we need him. Either way, you won't be going home, you'd be at the police station filing a report. Big difference."

What to do? What to do?

"Please? " pout, "For me?"

"Al, I'm scared." I bit my lower lip.

"I'll be with you the whole time. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

I didn't have a chance to respond. Mrs. Russo walked in, causing everyone to shut up. I could feel his eyes on me, but it was such a big request! A slow, but steady pound took up residence in between my eyes.

"Ok class, has everyone finished their projects? If not, you will be in trouble. They are, after all, due today. To make things worse, I'm having everyone present." She stared everyone down as if on cue, the class groaned as one.

I glanced to Allen who didn't seem affected one bit. So he really didn't need my help. Ass. I couldn't not smile.

"So, who's first?"

Allen rose his hand.

Mrs. Russo's eyebrows skyrocketed.

"You mean to say that you actually did the assignment?"

He shrugged walking to the front unabashed.

He took out a folded leaf of paper and smiled, showing his pearly whites.

"Ok ladies, don't be too upset with me on this one…" Once a cocky bastard, always.

He trailed off and cleared his throat.

'You judged and watched others hidden away. In the shadows you laughed and held the world at bay. No one ever understood why. You never let them see you cry. For reasons unknown you let me in. Around you lay a world full of sin. I peeked into your heart. A life was breaking apart. From the start you've fascinated me. I could never just let you be. As the tides come in, wait at the dock. I will shelter you and be your rock.'

A pen rolled off a desk. Crickets chirped. A fly landed on Ray's head. No one spoke.

"Mr. Westwood, thank you very much for that. It just set the standard for the rest of the class." Beaming, she looked over at me, staring slack-jawed over at him.

"Ms. Renier, it seems as if you have some competition. This is why I love teaching."

Of course as soon as she said my name, all heads turned to me. Pretty boy met my eyes. They were all expecting a reaction. I had none! I couldn't think straight or even think! A few of the guys clapped and Allen made his way back to the seat next to me.

"Ok class, who's next?" I tuned the rest out.

What do I say?

He cleared his throat and I looked up at Allen. I looked at the rest of my surroundings to find out that we were the only two people in the room, aside from the teacher. Crap, how long was I spaced out for?

"You in there?"

"Oh, right. What time is it?" I couldn't look him in the eyes at first.

"Lunch, for about three minutes now."

He chuckled when I stood up. "Someone needs a nap."

What to say..

"Stop panicking. Yes, it was about you, but I'll take those words back if you don't."

"I'm not panicking," I mumbled "I'm mulling."


We made our way to the cafeteria slowly.

"It wasn't bad, pretty boy."

"Is it always going to be pretty boy?"

I pecked him on the cheek, "Thanks for the poem, and the nickname fits you. You are mightily pretty."

He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

The cafeteria was normal for the most part. Almost everyone had gotten over the shock of us dating. Nosey bastards.

On the menu today: chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, or lasagna and steamed veggies. Chick-fil-a anybody? Thank God the school was smart enough to put one in. You'd think the cooks were trying to starve us or something with that diet.

"I'm going to eat a chicken sandwich today, the last time I had their chicken nuggets, I found a bandaid…"

With nose scrunched in disgust, I replied "sounds like a plan."

So far today, I haven't seen the key people. One being Kai, second being Belinda, and thirdly being the new chick Pebbles. Are they all ditching? I wouldn't mind one bit. Kai and I have our problems and if he heard that I finally did go against all things natural and hook up with Allen, all hell would break loose.

"What do you want to drink, Ky?"

"Sweet Tea."

He paid and as we walked the floor to his table, Belinda took a seat in my spot. Really? I mean really? Now it's just fucking ridiculous. Holly Marie, Mark, and Paul were already sitting there as well. So, the two problem children were going to stay children longer. As far as I knew, Paul and Al were still fighting too. We exchanged weary looks and switched direction to another one not too far away.

I picked at the sandwich, "Kyra, would you go to the basketball banquet with me? Everyone will have a date, and seeing as how you're my girlfriend and all now, it just makes sense."

"Since when do you play basketball?"

He looked at me shocked. What? Have you heard me mention any games or anything? I mean, if it was important, I might have remembered.

"The season just ended right before we started talking."

Um, what am I supposed to say in this situation? Have you noticed how I've been not knowing what to say lately? It's incredibly annoying.,, Men bastards.

"That's right, you guys only won like one game, right?" Mental smack. Me and my big damned mouth.

He laughed though.

"Yeah, I guess basketball isn't any of our strong points, but the game is fun."

"Ya think? So, if it's that bad, why are you going to the banquet thingy?"



"I guess I can, if it means that much to you."

"It's a date then! Oh, and it's this Sunday."

"I do have a concern though."

"Oh? And what ist thou concern, fair maiden?" He rose an eyebrow and pointed a fry at me.

I laughed before growing serious again.

"Everyone is turning on you because of me." He nodded so I continued "I don't want you to throw everything you've known out the window for some charity case."

He let out an exasperated sigh. "Hell, if I had known you'd be this difficult, I might have thought better of it."

At my hurt look, he continued with "Joke. Look, as far as I'm concerned, they can all go shove it. It's not them I care about. It's you."

We had to wait for Ashten after school so we slowly made our way over to Allen's car. Almost there, Allen paused, grabbing my elbow gently.

I looked up as he grew tense.

"Kyra, I wanted you to meet my new girlfriend. You've been replaced." With words laced in venom, Kai stood before me, arms around Pebble's waist.

I've been waiting for that all day. Hurts like hell, don't it?

"Nice, asshole."

I stepped away from Allen, pulling my arm free, as well to stand, arms folded, before Kai.

He smirked, his cornrows falling to the top of Pebbles slicked back red hair as he pulled her closer to him under his chin.

"You know it doesn't have to be like this if you'd get your head out of your ass."

"My head's out honey. I tried to tell you what was what, but since you had so much fun ignoring me, I've moved on. You know, you look just like the rest of them now. Gosh it's horrible to see."

Pebbles tilted her head up to start sucking on his neck.

"Come on Kyra, let's go. You don't need this." Allen made as if to lead me around the two of them when Kai reached out.

"You can't leave until I say you can. I'm not through yet." He spat.

"Yes, I really think it is. She already has enough problems, jackass, she doesn't need more from someone who she's thought of as her best friend."

Allen was playing my white knight, but my heart sunk as Kai pushed Pebbles angrily off of him and started for Allen.

"Call me that again ass wipe and ssee what happens."

They were in eachother's faces now.

"Guys really? Don't do this. We're not fucking in kindergarden anymore, so chill. All this macho bullshit you're doing Kai is pretty pathetic. I've got to be somewhere and you're in the way."

That said, I took Allen by the wrist and pulled him to his car.

We both sat silently for a moment.

"So are we going to the damned police station or are you gonna wait for Kai to come bust up your car and drag you out?"

He chuckled and drove away leaving a severly pissed off Kai and Pebbles in his wake. In the rearview mirror, I could still see them arguing. That relationship won't last too long.


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