We fight our daily battles with poetry,
Not arrows …
Although the venomous tip of the pen
Penetrates just as deeply.
Wounding, but not fatally …
The poison still seeps in.

We know we should stop.
Bind our fingers, blindfold the words …
Silently saying nothing.
But we are not gifted with that luxury,
The uninvited thoughts always there ...
Screaming to be unleashed.

What were the things you used to love?
Those innocent days
Before the fall?
Or did you mean the person
That was me,
Before my heart was taken prisoner.

Resisting, I surrender to the gag.
My unquiet mind stilled,
And my mouth bound
With involuntary muteness.
Go off and play in the sun now
Like the child you should be.

Shrug off the heavy burden.
You know you can … you must allow yourself
The liberty of choice.
You don't need to bear that weight ...
The guilt that you carry on your shoulders
Like a backpack full of stones.

Be free. Let the bird trapped inside you
Soar, singing, joyful, into the white hot sky.
I open the cage unwillingly …
And watch as you flex your atrophied wings.
Hoarsely I whisper goodbye as you take flight.
I can't speak now. The day has suddenly turned cold.