One Last Voice

A Nazi comes forth,

My Reaper of Death,

He raises his gun,

I draw my last breath.

I was glad I defied them,

I won't let them win,

They may be able to kill me,

But we will resist time and time again.

They destroy my people,

They are convinced I am not real,

Nothing more than a menace,

But they do not feel the pain I feel.

They don't know how it feels,

To toil through the sun,

To have nothing left but hope,

And the threatening of a gun.

I used to wonder what made us so different,

But I realized it no longer mattered,

Because to them we were cattle,

Working in the fields then slaughtered.

Still, we will fight,

Although we will lose,

But between freedom and torture,

We'll be able to choose.

I look into the Nazis eyes to find any scrap of kindness in vain,

His gun's barrel is like the mouth of a snake,

It hisses as it releases its venom at my heart,

It already took thousands of lives so what difference does mine make?

My time has come now,

So I'll tell you this before I say goodbye,

Be tolerant of others and speak your voice,

There is a deafening shot and I die-