if I were an armadillo
I would be autistic and
footprints will prove too hard to find.
don't look for me I'll hide;
honest! I don't bite so WHY hunt me

if I was a piece of bread
I would be belligerent and
fortune will prove too hard to chew.
appealing- teeth notwithstanding;
the plate is my eternal dwelling.

if I was a mountain crag
I would be cryptic and
seduction will prove too hard to resist.
then the crack; I'll hold hands with you
and fall! laugh because you'll die first.

BUT I am only an alphabet
and angst is a right I defend-
revel in hormones and chacha in the rain.
Shakespeare needs opposition
we can understand.

and I laugh hysterically with letters' grace.

A/N: hearts omi for playing the role of the heartless editor.