Happy now, Saeger? -grins- You should be. Just for you, here's another one of those one-shots you so enjoy.

Okay, everyone, this does have implied vampirism & lycanthropy. No like, no read. But it is fairly mild, and no-one gets hurt/killed/Turned/etc. Enjoy!


"You knew…"


"And you don't hate me…"

"Of course not."

"How? Why? Did I slip up somewhere? I thought –"

Faint chuckle. "One question at a time, please!"

Chagrined. "Right. Sorry. How?"

"Because of what I am."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Puzzlement. "You're human –"


"You're not human?"


"But you're not… not like me…"


"So… what, then?"

"Oh, come, do you really need me to tell you? You absolutely cannot figure it out on your own?"


Quick gasp. "No!"

Confirmation. "Yes."

Astonishment. "But how…"

"I've had a lot more practice concealing it than you have."

"I guess." Stunned.

"And now, the why shouldn't be too hard to guess…"

"Obviously." Recovery. "We've never been bitter enemies."

"Why ever should we have been?"

"Good point."


"But you didn't care that I was keeping… it… secret?"

"Why should I care what effect the full moon has on you? Save, of course, that I do enjoy company when hunting."

"…Right." Still slightly stunned.

"You don't mind, I hope?"

"Not if you can avoid me…"

"What, you think in that form you could hurt me?" Laugh. "I think you might be in for a surprise…"

"I wish!" Fervently.

"Oh, calm down. It's not such an enormous thing as all that."

"Not to you, maybe."

"True." Acknowledgement. "Well, you'll learn."

Few moments pause.

Hesitant. "Did I slip, somewhere?"

"Translation: does anyone else know."


"Unfortunately, yes. Or at least, she can now guess."

"Not her…"

Confirmation. "Sorry."


"It's not the end of the world, you know. If she's a good enough friend, she'll know why you kept it secret and won't hold it against you. If she's not, then what value her friendship anyway?"

"Easy for you to say."

"Don't think I haven't gone through similar situations myself. I have."

"Yeah, I bet." Sigh. "Sorry."

"Don't be. I'd be scared if you weren't at least a little upset."

Unwilling laugh.

Satisfaction. "Much better." Mischievous. "I much prefer smiles to woe-be-gone faces."

"That reminds me – how can you smile so often without anyone noticing?"

Feigned sagacity. "The ways of the immortals are incomprehensible to humans…"

"Which, strictly speaking, I'm not, and I never noticed…"

"Oh, I guarantee you if someone saw a set of fangs they'd be suspicious – but," dryly, "nobody seems to take into account the fact that fangs are unwieldy and impractical."

"So you don't?"

"Of course not." Brief flash of white. "Sharp. Slightly pointed incisors are much more efficient – and comfortable."


"I never can understand how children on Halloween can fit those fake fangs into their mouths."

Short laugh.


Forlorn. "She's still going to hate me."

Sigh. "She might, yes. But I don't think she will, not for long."

"I hope you're right."

"When have I not been?"

"Well, there was the time with the dinner…"

"Ill fortune."

"And then the cat…"

"A most annoying beast – chance."

"And that game – sabaac, did you call it?"

"There's no set rules for that anyway."

Snort. "Sure."


"And then…"

Footsteps. Voices trail off.


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