The sweet breath
Oh greatest breath
You trouble me
With your silent screams
And it never dies, does it?
The scream
Oh horrific scream
Rings in my ears
With its ghastly origin
It shall never fade, will it?
The blank monster rises
From its carrion grave
That is embedded in this field of thorns
It screams in despair
The monster is dying
From the golden rays of the sun
Down upon it sweeps an angel
Spreading good like bitter candy
The sweet breath of her
Resounds like haunting melodies
And she kills the monster
That resides within my soul
But she does not know
That monster is all I have
And she kills it, the only life within
My face twisted in fury, rage emits from my eyes
She backs away, her silent screams unheeded
Here I come
Destroyer of the Destroyer