She stared at her computer and realized...

It's a box. It's a BOX. I rely on a mere BOX to give me comfort and pleasure.

She continued to stare...

I can't believe that so much happened over this thing. It's a THING, not alive, not breathing. Not able to feel pain or happiness. It isn't real. Damnit, it isn't REAL.

At once, she felt the urge to fling the monitor as far away as possible. To throw it out the window, where the flowers bloomed and grinned to the glowing sun. Where little sounds and noises were proof of life thriving without authenticity. Without "warranty".

She took a deep breath...

I don't know why. WHY? Why do people sit in front of these things for hours and hours, laughing? Frowning. Smiling. Crying. Why do they believe that they are talking to people "online"? It was odd, wasn't it? You type words in, press ENTER, and wait, knowing, just KNOWING that the recipient got those words and was typing words of their own.

Just knowing,

Why not questioning?

It isn't real.

All this...isn't real.

Then what is real?

The flowers. The sky. The trees. The birds. The music heard, ringing through the air. The sweet fresh fragrance of pine. The ocean, unleashing her fury on the jagged rocks that dare to impede her quest for domination over land.

Those are real. Damnit, they're REAL. They're not computers, which can destroy and kill. They're not TV's, which recruit more and more to the army of the blind and ignorant. They're not radios, which annihilate original thoughts and replace them with trivial ones.

"What is the world's largest ocean?"

"Who was the 23rd president?"

"Where in Africa is Darfur?"


Why not why?


Ring, ring! It's the telephone! "Hello?" "Hi. This is David Klyne from Metlife Insurance. Our records indicate that you have not paid your bills for the month of May. Please..."

Damnit, what is this?

Insurance? Since when did humans put a price on human life? Since when were cars valued more than lost souls?

Blinded. All blinded. All rotating. All swimming in this ocean of economy. All trapped in their Lexus cages, all locked up behind plastic surgery walls, walls that impair sight and judgement...

She took her eyes of the computer and looked out her window. She sighed....

What was the point? Who would listen?

She turned back to her computer, drowning, killing herself in its glowing stare.