Call me your little heartbreaker

And drag me though your mud

Which you created with tears

But I am not feeling sorry for your mistake

Don't try to play the pity factor

I have no sympathy for your kind

You never paid attention

His wages were never given

And you expect me to reimburse you

I won't be drug down by your weight

I dust the dirt off my shoulders

The only thing I ever was glad I lost

Was you

I know you think me cruel

I know you think me wrong

You knew that when you dated me

I was not your average girl

I needed speed, I needed danger

I needed action for my anger

And all you did was bring me down

I needed the city nights

I needed the metal music

I don't dance to sappy love songs

I only dance in the rain with the wind

You should know

I am not your average girl

So I'm not looking for your average boy

So you are right

I never saw you for you

You never took a single risk with me

You always colored in your lines

I prefer to paint the whole page

It's yourself that makes your life colorful

So don't cry and ask for me back

Because all you will get is the hand

I don't deal with average fools

I don't deal with average fun

I'd rather fly high with the spirits in the night

Because all I'd rather do is fly

The earth is nothing but chains

To keep the ones who were not meant for something more


I have the freedom to move

I have the freedom to prove

I never was average

And that's why I left you