anno domini MMV

The road darkn'd as Palymeir rode

To the Castle of the Lady of the Cross.

Heavy jumps, his horse did make

O'er steep falls on their way

To the Castle of the Lady of the Cross.

Trees of greenest color did hail him,

Rivers full of his foe's blood did proclaim him:

Palymeir, belov'd knight of Thomis,

Fearless in Death's sight, a knight of unsurpassable might

Was Sir Palymeir, most belov'd knight of Thomis.

That Castle grew in size, e'ery day,

As he drew nearer; as he made his way

Over Caposses Mounts, through

Philipia's thicketed wood, and 'round Delanair; who

Slander'd and fought 'gainst the Lady of the Cross.

'Fore night's veil had lifted from the Castle,

Sir Palymeir 'rrived, to greet his meet his lovely damsel.

Pulling her curtains back, Palymeir reveal'd himself:

To most unsuspecting Lady, who'd ne'er known, herself,

That Palymeir so devoted mimself to her: she never knew, nor cared.