Billie Joe Armstrong, the Maaaaaaaaagical Donkey (and some other people.)

Once upon a time, there was a donkey named Billie Joe Armstrong. He was a maaaagical donkey. He liked to go around telling people that, yes he did. He would say, "I am a maaaaagical donkey!" and everyone would "ooh" and "aah" at him, because he was maaaagical. Maaaaaaagical donkeys are hard to come by, you know! So, anyways, one day Billie Joe came up to a fish named Bob and said, "Hey, did you know that I'm maaaaagical?" Bob replied, "Yes, everyone knows you're magical. Why do you say it like that anyway?" "Say it like what?" "Like… Maaaaaaaaaagical…" Now what's wrong with saying it like that I ask you? And so does Billie Joe Armstrong, the maaaaaaagical donkey. "What's wrong with saying it like that I ask you?" See? Anyways, Bob and Billie Joe Armstrong the maaaaaaaaaagical donkey had this conversation for 15 minutes. I don't know how you could hold, like, a 2-sentence conversation for 15 minutes, but that's what they did. So. Then Jack the unicorn walked over and said, "I am a mythical creature! I don't exist!" then disappeared. Then David the Duck waddled over and quacked very loudly. "I'm maaaaaaaaaaagical!" Billie Joe Armstrong the Maaaaaaaaagical donkey. "You disgust me." Quacked David the Duck, then waddled away and was shot by a hunter. Poor David the Duck. Anyways. Bob had ran away by now, well actually swam, he WAS a fish, but whatever. So Billie Joe Armstrong the maaaaaaaagical donkey went up to Tre Cool the un-maaaaaagical horsey and Mike Dirnt the un-maaaagical rat (don't ask me. I asked my friend what animals the Green Day people reminded her of and stuff, and that's what she said) and said they should transform into humans and make a band called Green Day. So they did. The end.