AN: if you are easily offended by blasphemy please turn back now!!! And if you don't mind read ahead!

Can you hear me now god?

Is the microphone loud enough?

Or should I pick up my cell phone

Verzion is my provider so you should hear me

Is my English clear?

Are you mad at me?

I knew it, your ignoring me

Its okay, you'll get over it

Maybe if I shoved a pamphlet down my neighbor's throat

I might get a response

Or sit in church on a Sunday with all the child molesters trying to repent for their sins

Would you hear me then?

I know life deals you a difficult hand sometimes

But all my cards are blank

Can you hear me now god?

Does my blood speak in volumes?

Turn it down if it's too loud

Turn it up if you find it amusing

Maybe if I rub my palms together

And pray before bed I'd be okay

Or I could crack a bible, maybe read a verse or two

Is it because I'm gay?

Or engage in premarital sex?

It can't be that

Because in the "teachers of the lord" my "kind" can't get married

That's okay I like the sex

And don't plan on stopping for the likes of you

Did you listen to me when I asked for help?

When I couldn't get off the floor

The downers were taking their toll

Can you hear me now god?

My fist pounding walls

And glass stuck under my nails

Is this what you wanted?

Did you accomplish something grand?

Maybe if I tried to listen, then I'd understand

But I don't have time for that

I'm to busy slicing and dicing

Having a grand ol' time with the medicine cabinet

Can you forgive me now god?

Over look my mistakes

And except me into your circle

So what I'm not a holy roller

Or a bible humper…I meant thumper

I respect the catholic beliefs

I mean if they want to do that with little boys it isn't my business

And the Christians

My neighbors are Christians you know

They told me to go fuck myself once

Because I told them to pick up the dog shit they left on my lawn

How neighborly of them

I would love to walk in a Jewish church and claim myself messiah

Think they'd get on their knees and please?

Can you hear me know god?

Or maybe it's too late for me

Maybe I should jump off a roof with a bag over my head

And say you told me to do it

Or write a letter in my blood claiming to be a sacrifice

Just for kicks maybe

Do you get me now god?