sing now, oh sing!
dripping eyelashes over misplaced lightbulb eyes
are you sure? might you be mistaken?
no, no- when did it sink so low down to ocean
depths where waves – where did the waves go?
a flash of cognizance but no, no-
do you remember, piano-sir, when we were pirates?
when we wished to be sailors?
sing now;

sing now! sing the threnody for stars in clear skies
bleeding their light into suicidal trees (feeling unappreciated)
and oh! murmur this elegy onto your sheet music, yessir
take a look and see my dears:
there is no freedom.

bread lips break when she speaks of her loneliness
when she points to ginger cookies i will take you home
take you wherever you want to go
but don't, don't tell me that she was most likely always like this
(inside inside we are all
eliot gives me no comfort as he poses the question
always in my mind
and should i have the right to smile?
for now, though, yes for now we will listen, we will
sing now;

sing now, sing forever! threnody for death itself
for she will be in her coffin and he will always, always be in the sea
in his head, in the sea- she will be in her coffin she will smile she will
sing now!now! and oh! whisper
to the sink with ever-flowing water, yessir
take a drink and see my dears:
there is no freedom.

(i must leave her always some point evening she will be alone
they must let him be till tomorrow waiting will he speak i do not see
how, oh no- no! sing never! sing never!

evenings always left unresolved)