A/N: Alright so here is a second poem dedicated to Gilbert, tho I haven't thought about him for a while but recently I've started to think about him..erg I miss him ( I don't know what to do so if you have any suggestions of what might help me get over him or any advice leave it in the review) and I hope you enjoy reading it...

An Unknown Love

You've always been waiting for me
I was just to blind to see
You've known and understood
All I stand for
yet, I still never knew
you were waiting for me
but as time went on
you've enlighten my life
each and everyday
You open my eyes to a whole new world
one I never knew I could see
I've always enjoyed being around you
and I've seen how you've been able
to make my days so joyful
You always manage to make me happy
whenever I've felt distraught
You were my perfect mate
a lover i never knew
'till the faithful day you left
You told me: I was your friend
but that you loved me and wished
we were more...

If only I had known before the day he left
then we would have had something more
because I loved him in return
but it was to late to say
it was to late...