Hello God by writerforever

Hello God, can you hear me?

I know that I have strayed away from you

And I now find myself in darkness

I keep remembering back on the wonderful times

Back when I shared a relationship with you

You would come by and touch me

You would tell me you loved me

And my heart would almost burst with joy

But now that I have strayed from you

I keep asking myself "How did I get here?"

You were so good to me

How could I stray away from you?

How could I let sin pull me away?

Hello God, have you given up on me?

Hello God, will you hear my pleas?

Hello God, will you give me another chance?

Hello God, will you help me?

Hello God, will you rescue me from myself?

Hello God, will you still use me for your glory?

Hello God, do you still love me?

Hello God? Hello?