If you exist
Then please tell me this;
Why have you created me this way?

Why did you create me to question
If questioning was not what you wanted?
Why did you call my people the Chosen people
And then turn your back on them in favor of others?

Why do you condemn us for who we are
When you have created us to this way be?
If you are out there then I do apologize
But maybe you should apologize too.

Maybe if you are there, you can tell me why
Why you would be so selfish
As to give us the gift of free will
But shun those who use it?

If you are out there, God, then I weep
For you have made me the person that I am
And then turned your back.

If you are truly a loving being, then forgive me
For I am using the powers you bestowed upon me.

Do not turn your back
Do not turn away
Do not hate me
For who you made me be.