Overheard the whisper
Playing gently on the reeds
Sunny weather breathing
Upon those endless seeds

Circling clouds overhead
Blueness as a lake
So stories told begin
And I begin to shake

For all the warmth I feel
The wind against my skin
Humid torture to my thought
Presses tight against the tin

Weekdays breed my sorrow
But weekends feel my love
For sun and shine forever
Upon the wings of a dove

Leaves rustle against the window
Telling of their tale
The love once before unrelenting
Fills above my scale

All I feel is happy
No sorrow comes in here
The lovely song begins to sing
A harmony without fear

Shaking from my solitude
Away walking in my serenity
For thoughts of you come many
No more I need amenity

Summer weather from eternity
One endless stream
Forever does it seem to flow
To wherever I want to seem

Drip away the anger
Push away the sorrow
For all that is left in here
Leaves no room to borrow

Borrowing no anger
No hate no solitude
Leaves me a happy person
Sets me into a lighter mood

Blissful summer morning
Running down my beach
Lifting rays of sun upon me
Nothing far out of reach

Recovering from nothing
Smiling through the pain
Surrender to my sorrow
The fall begins again