The clock strikes twelve at some distant church

The bewitching hour is upon the world

Ghosts crawl out of the shadows

As the clouds devour the moon

And I am alone

Shivering in the silence of the night

Waiting for something to take me away

From this life of agony and defeat

Of never knowing what will happen next

Or what to do about it when it comes

Beside me is my knife

And a lantern to guide my way

I take a swig from the bottle on the other side of me

To calm my nerves and steady my hand

The twelfth strike coincides with the lightning fast

Slash down my arm

The bell returns to silence

Along with my heart

The bewitching hour has begun

And I am a newcomer to the gang

Tomorrow will just be another day

The same as yesterday, the same as today

The same as the day after

For eternity

And so, I leave you

And you never knew the difference

And you will never know the difference

Until you are in the same spot as I was

Then it will all make sense

And the circle will come full once more

And the ghosts will sing in harmony

But tonight

As the clock struck twelve

All was and is