My name is Karu Hanta and I'm 15 years old. I live with my brother Tori; he's 19 and my kitten Kyo. We seem like an ordinary family, but we're not. The female side of the Hanta family carries a special gene, the 'Demon Hunter' gene. With the help of Kyo, I have to avenge my parent's death and defeat the 'Demon Lord'.

It all started on my first day at Osaka High. I sat in the principal's office, receiving my schedule.

"Your first class is English and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here"

"I hope so too, Mr. Tamakashi" I smiled and pushed a strand of my brown hair behind my ear. I stood up and left his office. I looked around the hallway "Which way is it…?" I looked down at my schedule.

"Need a hand?"

I jumped a little bit then looked up at a tall blonde with amber eyes. He wore a dark blue shirt with 'Bad Ass' written across it in white and light blue jeans with a rip on the left knee and trainers. A simple silver chain hung from his neck.

"Well…Yeah, I do"

"Let me see" He pulled the piece of paper from my hands, studied it and handed it back "Just this way" He headed off in the direction of my class. I followed, playing with the black chain around my neck. "That's a cool chain" He smiled at me

"Thanks, it was my mothers" I smiled, looking down at the chain and the small red stone attached to it. "I'm Karu, Karu Hanta"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jono Tomodachi" He took my hand and kissed it, making me blush.

"Jono you womanizer!!" A voice called from behind us. A girl who looked a lot like Jono walked up to us. She wore a short red top and matching skirt, long white socks that stopped at the knees and red shoes. "I'm sorry about my brother, he's a real flirt" She glared at her sibling.

"Not like I'm feeling her up" He glared back.

"Jono wasn't doing anything wrong"

"Yeah, not yet" She sighed "I'm Kei by the way, the 'womanizer's' twin"

"I'm Karu, nice too meet you"

"You're new here right? I'll show you to class"

"Your brother was going to show me"

She looked at my schedule "Well you're in my class" She linked arms with me "And Jono doesn't know where the room is"

"Yes I do!"

"Go to class little brother" She smirked and led me to class

"Bye Jono, I'll talk to you later!" I smiled and looked at Kei "You're older than him?"

"By 3 minutes!" She gloated "That's a nice necklace"

"Thanks, I like your shirt, where'd you get it?"

"Made it myself" She glowed with pride "Can't get it off the shelves"

"Cool! Hey, if I become a huge singer do you want to design my clothes?"

"That would be cool"

I smiled. I had made new friends so quickly. We walked into class together where I met my English teacher, Mrs. Takashi. She was a tall red headed woman, her hair was long and shone in the light. Her eyes were a golden-brown colour, she wore a long black skirt, a white blouse and a black blazer.

"Ah Kei" She smiled "I see you found my new student"

"Sure did Mrs. Can she sit next to me?"

"Sure thing" She kept smiling as Kei dragged me to her table. We sat down and listened to Mrs. Takashi recite a poem. Kei nudged me a little.

"Ok, we'll take this time to explain the popular, the un-popular and the nerds" She whispered "That red-head at the front, straight A nerd, her specialty is physics" I looked to the girl she was pointing at and nodded. "The guy sat next to her" Her finger moved to the right of the red-head "His is chemistry. The rest of the class is un-popular- besides us"

Kei and I spent most of the lesson chatting, but we did some work too. The bell rang. Kei and I walked out of the class linking arms.

"Karu" Mrs. Takashi called.

"Yes Mrs.?"

She handed me a copy of the poetry book we were studying "You'll need this"

"Thanks" I took it from her and smiled

"I'm also your Tutor, so come to me if you need anything"

I nodded and walked off with Kei. "Hey, can I borrow your notes?"

"Sure" She pulled her English book out of her bag and handed it to me "That's what BF's are for"

"We're…BF's?" I looked at her stunned

"Of course silly" She smiled. I smiled back and opened my bag to put the book in.

"Ah! Kyo!?" I stared at the little black kitten in my bag

"Aww, how cute" Kei looked over my shoulder

Kyo meowed sweetly, poked his head out and licked the tip of my nose.

"Hello to you too, but I told you not to sleep in my bag"

Kyo suddenly jumped out and dashed down the hallway. I gave chase with Kei behind me. I turned a corner and carelessly bumped into someone, falling back onto the floor. "Ow…" I looked up at a tall purple haired and eyed boy. He wore a tight black shirt, tight black leather pants, boots and a long trench coat. He held Kyo in his arm and held his free one out to me. I slowly grabbed it and he pulled me to my feet. "Sorry…"

"It's ok" His voice was deep and smooth "Is this cat yours?"

"Yes…he err…fell asleep in my bag"

He handed Kyo back to me and smiled "Cat's can be tricky creatures"

"Yeah…" I stared at him. He was so…handsome.

"I'll see you around" He walked off, his trench coat flapping in a cool fashion as he turned around.

"Oh my god!" Kei put her hands on my arms and looked over my shoulder "Did you just talk to Kori?"

"Yeah, he caught Kyo"

"Hottie, isn't he?" She smirked

"I" I blushed "I hadn't noticed"

"Like he'd go for you" A voice laughed behind us. I turned to see a girl fully dressed in purple. She had darker purple hair and eyes than Kori, she wore purple eye shadow and lipstick.

"He'd only go for someone as gorgeous as me" She ran her fingers through her long hair and laughed. Although it sounded more like cackling. "All boys want to go out with me" She gloated

"Jono doesn't" Kei smirked

"Heh, like I'd go out with that loser anyway" She put her hands on her hips and looked at me "Look at you, no fashion sense, no make-up"

"Beauty is skin deep, it's natural" I told her

"Yeah Yuri, unlike your nose!" Kei laughed

Yuri gasped and walked off in a huff.

"She has a fake nose?" I blinked looking at Kei

"Yep" She smiled "Rumors are she had Lipo too"


"Well enough on Yuri" She linked arms with me "We better sort out your cutie kitty and meet Jono"

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