"Keene, we must move quickly, there has been a disturbance in the out lying areas...Oh Keene, there has been an attack, and Nara has been killed." My mother spilled out coming to tears as she spoke.

"Nara? who would ever attack Nara... what of her family? is Lola safe?" Keene asked quickly, "Do we know who attacked them?"

I lost concentration in their conversation, and my mind swirled. Lola's mother, was one of the nicest women in our community, and a Duchess in my mother's court, she had no enemies, no one wished her evil. She spread happiness around the community. And Lola! Poor Lola. I forced myself to bring myself back to the conversation.

"....and she said that she could see no one, but she heard the war-cry as she flew up to the house, but it was too late" My mother said then paused as she focused her attention on to me, "Oh Mildred, thank goodness your home," she cried while hugging me tightly, "please go inside right away. Lola is waiting inside, and Belden, is coming with Sloane and Aimon to guard you.

I went inside in a daze, and found Lola sitting quietly on a chair, dressed in full battle gear. looking out the window at the many fairies whizzing by. I walked quickly in and sat next to her when Belden rushed in.

"Are you hurt? Are you ok? I heard the news and I came as soon as I could" he said quickly to Lola, but he came and grabbed my hand.

Lola just looked sullenly out the window, not saying a word. Belden quietly told Sloane and Aimon to guard the doors, and report any suspicious activity to him, when he came back Lola looked ready to talk.

"I wasn't there for her. I could have saved her, after Quilla and Father died I promised I would protect our family. Quilla was only two when they died, but she was so much apart of our lives. If it was sprites who killed my mother as well, I swear I will get my revenge on them. Lomi, we have to find out who did this to my family. They've taken everything away from me" Lola cried out.

I reached out my arms to Lomi, but she brushed them off.

"Don't bother trying to console me, it's not worth it!" She screamed, before succumbing to tears, "Please, just leave me alone right now..."

Belden led me out of the room, and into my mother's study. We stood silently, until I could stand the silence no longer.

"Oh Belden.... what are we going to do, this is horrible. Oh poor Mother having to deal with this, and poor Lola, she's lost everyone in her family, I can't imagine the pain she is going through..."I said, but then I thought of my father, and the pain I had felt when he died, and then the pain I had felt when I realised he had been murdered. Tears began to stream down my face.

"Lomi! Please don't cry, I won't let anything happen to you. I would never let anyone hurt like that," he said while brushing away the tears from my damp cheeks, "Please Lomi, please don't cry anymore..."

His eyes looked deeply into my eyes with pleading and hope, and the only sound I could hear was my broken breaths from crying, and his voice gently quieting me. Before I knew what was happening we had kissed. I looked at him with mild shock.

"Belden!" I said in a surprised whisper, with a small smile creeping up on me.

"Lomi… I know I shouldn't have done that, but when I heard someone had been killed, I thought it was you, and when I heard it wasn't I promised myself, I'd do that… I've been wanting to do that since we brought you here." He said in a rush.

"I had been thinking tha…."I started when we heard a disturbance in the living room.

We hurried back into the room to see it in turmoil. Aimon and Sloane were fighting in front of Lola, who also brandishing her spear, with four fierce sprites. Belden quickly grabbed his bow and strung it. I reached into the bookcase and took out my hidden weapon, a large silver dagger.

"Lola! Get Lomi out of here!" Belden yelled pulling Lola out of the action.

"NO! I must have my revenge Belden, these monsters have killed everyone in my family, and I intend to do the same to them." She shrieked back.

During this Sloane fell to his attacker with a bloody gash across his chest. Aimon was faring almost as bad, with blood dripping down his leg.

"Now Lola, I mean it" Belden ordered as he shot one of the attackers in the arm.

With a look of scorn Lola grabbed my arm and we flew quickly into the dark of night. We hoped to find calm, but we found chaos instead. A battle was waging in the midst of our realm. Screams of horror, and war cries filled the air. Suddenly we were engulfed but sprites, one had followed us from the house, and the rest joined him. Lola started attacking right away, pushing me behind her.

"Sprite Scum, you will pay for your attacks on my family" Lola spat out, spitting at the Sprites.

"Why don't you make this easy on yourself, all we want is the Princess, perhaps we won't have to wipe out your entire family, if you allow us to pass!" The lead Sprite silkily said.

He looked at me with greedy eyes, and motioned his fighters on. Lola continued to fight them, many falling through the trees by her hits. But the sprites split us up. I fought blindly at the attackers, shuddering as I watched them fall down by my hands. I watch brokenly at Lola, while continuing to fight. She begins to tire and soon I see her fall at the hands of the leader, but I can still see her breathe. The Leader comes towards me smiling. I thrust my dagger forward, but he grabs my wrist, forcing my only weapon out of my hands.

"Now Princess, you are coming with me." He said breathing foul air into my face.

"Never! Let me go. I'd rather die than go with you!" I screamed.

"LOMI!!!" I heard my Mother scream.

I look over to where the voice came from. My mother is rushing towards me, but her guards are holding her back. I see streams of Sprites falling between her and me. I was being pulled away.

"Let me go! I won't come with you!" I shouted helplessly.

"Let her go!!" Belden yelled as he desperately attempts to reach me.

"Belden!" I cried back, as I wrenched my hand free momentarily, I flew back as fast as I could until a hard blow hit my head.