For a moment both boys simply stood staring at each blankly. Tsurugi wasn't sure if he should actually take what just happened seriously or not. Gojettsu on the other hand was simply waiting to see what his opponent would do.

"Uhm?" Tsurugi looked over at Fujiko.

- - - -

Gin leaned on a wall and sighed, "You'd think that kid would've been happy."

"At least, they seem a bit more respectable then some people I know" Leona glanced at Gin.

"Hey, I'm just saying, he got matched up against an injured opponent, why question, just get on with it!"

"Why does it sound like you want Gojettsu to lose?"

"Well, if he loses and doesn't die, then he's done with this sad excuse for a tournament."

"Ah, lack of faith?"

"Hardly my style, if anything, I don't want him to feel he has to kill people so he can win."


- - - -

"You know we've missed half of the tournament by now right?" Ryuji sighed.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Weren't you the one who thought we should leave?"

"Yeah, but only because you were freaking out about everything!"

Ione smiled, "Like brother and sister."

"Oh quiet you! And where the hell is Kyu? Still crying about those guys picking on him?"

"Probably, he's probably watching the tournament to make sure Gojettsu doesn't lose to any of those idiots."

"Anyways, who wants to head back? Cause I sure am!" Ryuji stood up and started walking.

- - - -

"This is the part where you two start fighting." Fujiko yawned.

Tsurugi stepped forward and swung at Gojettsu, at first slowly, but as he saw Gojettsu was able to keep up he picked up speed, and started putting more power behind each attack.

They're close range combat continued seamlessly, though Gojettsu seemed to only be acting in defense, and never offense. Tsurugi's movements left him well guarded each time; there was never a real chance to attack him without being caught up in his own attack.

Each time he attacked, it was an open palm instead of a closed fist. Clearly Tsurugi's fighting style differed from Gojettsu, but is appeared as neither was able to get an upper hand. It seemed as though Gojettsu's defense finally failed as Tsurugi landed a blow in the center of his chest; he stumbled backwards slightly and dropped to a knee.

The seemingly simple attack packed more of a punch than it had seemed. Gojettsu took a deep breath and stood up; then lost his footing and fell to a knee again.

"So, you're not trying to hurt my body are you?"

"No, just disable it, what's the point of causing your opponent pain, when you can simply disable them?"

"Pain lets the body know it's injured, but how you attack, you injure the body without causing pain sensors to go off."

"The effects are only temporary; it's not injury in the same sense, since you don't have to worry about healing."

Gojettsu smiled and stood up again. "I see."


Gojettsu raised his arms in a defensive posture, "As ready as I can get right now."

Tsurugi stepped forward and began his attack once more; Gojettsu now clearly concentrating mainly on his defensive abilities. He was almost constantly backing up, but never really losing any kind of standing during their exchanges. Soon Gojettsu found his back to a wall, though cornered; he continued to redirect all of Tsurugi's attacks, watching the timing of each swing, the placement, analyzing every movement.

Suddenly Gojettsu's hand shot out and took hold of Tsurugi's; he twisted his body to use the momentum both bodies, and slammed Tsurugi face first into the wall, then quickly rolling backwards out of his swinging range. Surprisingly, Tsurugi didn't quickly recover; he instead slid down the wall and backwards to the ground, holding his face.

"I see you think brute strength is the only way to win."

"Brute strength? You must've missed the part where you were lured to the wall, then I used your own attack against you, I used little to no power to do what I did."

Tsurugi stared up at him through his bloody fingers. Oddly, Gojettsu again fell to a knee, he hadn't fully recovered from the blow he took to the chest earlier, and was still bleeding.

Tsurugi stood up, still holding his face, blood dripping from his hand, and turned to Fujiko.

"I surrender."