Title- Full Moon Transformer/ Mangetsu Henatsuki

Chapter One

It was an empty battle field, stained with innocent blood, scared with hatred. Out in the distance stands a figure the figure begins to come in better focus, he can see it's a girl about his age maybe. Her back is to him. He tries to call out to her but there is no sound. She slowly turns around. The wind tossing her long hair, she looks at him with a blank stare. Her eyes are a grayish shade of blue, matching the color of her hair, she wore a simple dress that hung at her knees, and there was something on her arm that looked like a tattoo of some sort. He then realized she was still looking at him. She was saying something to him, but there was till no sound. The ground began to shake, he heard his mothers voice calling out to him

"Shirou, Shirou Kawajiri wake up!" she yelled in his ear making him jump out of bed, landing on the floor with a thud.

"What, where..I...um?" he said a bit confused.

"Your late for school, Again!" his mother said, still yelling.

"Oh man, not again!" he started getting dressed and eating a piece of toast at the same time. The he brushed his teeth while finding the books he needed for school and putting them in his backpack. Once done he ran out of the house and straight to school.

All out of breath he arrived at his third period class, handing his teacher a late pass.

"Late again, I see. Mr Kawajiri." his teacher said.

"Sorry sir, I promise it wont happen again."

"Very well then, take your seat, now where was I, oh yes....." the teachers voice trailed off Shirou started to think about his drea, and who the girl was. He was taken out of his trance by the bell ringing .

"Hey shirou, you coming?" Kiba asked

"Huh, oh yeah." Shirou said picking up his book bag then following his friend out of the classroom.

"So Shirou you know if you continue to be late Mr...." Shirou started to think about that girl in his dream again, forgetting all about what he was just doing and where he was.

"Hey, did you her me?" Kiba asked

"Huh? Oh sorry. " Shirou said.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I just have some things on my mind." Shirou said going to his looker. Following close behind Kiba asked

"Oh really what kinda things?" he hinted nudging Shirou with his elbow.

"Nothing like that you pervert!" Shirou yelled

"Testy, testy. It was just a question man, chill." Kiba said shaking his head.

"C'mon lets get to class." Shirou said.

"Alright." Kiba followed, hands behind his head.

"Ow, hey what gives, why did you stop?" Kiba asked bumping into Shirou

"I have to do something go on to class without me." Shirou said walking towards a girl.

"Oh I gottcha, okay dude, later." Kiba left. Shirou walked over to a row of lockers where a girl with long greyish blue hair stood taking the books she needed for her next class out of her locker. 'Is it her.' he thought 'from the dream?' he started to get closer then thought again 'What if its not I'll just be making a total fool out of my self. It's not worth it.' He turned around to go to class, as he did he saw in the window the girls reflection, in it she had wings, beautiful, radiant, angelic wings. He stubbled back a little, rubbed his eyes, then looked at the window again. The wings were gone. ' Was I hallucinating?' He wondered, stepping closer to her he tried to think of what to say.

"Umm, I....uh, me, I mean, my..." Shirou stuttered, she slowly turned around, her long hair softly whipped around her body. With a smile she said

"Hi, my name is Arahsi."

"Oh, I....I'm Shirou." He stuttered again.

"You're new right?" He asked

"Yep, oh could you be so kind and show me where my next class is I'm kinda lost." Arashi said giving him her schedule.

"Of course." He said smiling.

"Hey, your in my class, c'mon I'll show you the way." Shirou said

"Thank you." Arashi said smiling. She followed him into the classroom.

"Well, well. Mr. Kawajiri, you actually made it on time. Good for you." Mr. Urashima said sarcastically.

"And you've brought a friend, hello miss..."

"Tsuki Arashi sir." She said bowing.

"Welcome to Jidai High School. Miss Tsuki."

"Arigato, Urashima-san." Arashi said smiling brilliantly again.

"All right everyone take your seats, Miss Tsuki you can take a seat in front of Mr. Kawajiri." Mr. Urashima said opening his brief case. Everyone sat down and Kiba gave Shirou two thumbs up smiling deviously.