Pin Cushion

Am I nothing more

Than a mere puff ball

Something cuddly to all,

Soft to the touch,

Great to handle

But in the end,

Easily kicked around

and to the side?

Call me a sucker for punishment

A masochist to take this all...

Many of the pins

of your daily woes,

Whenever I hit the wall

with all the throws,

Either from your hand,

Or being kicked into it.

Not to be a braggart

Arrogant or avaricious,

But I take even more

Than anyone else you know.

I'm tired of being held

Only to be tossed away

Like all your other former friends.

I've been bruised and battered,

Because you know I'm indestructable.

At least get

That for an incentive!

It sucks to know

I'mjust something you have

For those desperate times of need.

Something to take in

What you vent out,

Something soft

To take away the stress,

A quick fix

For your boredom

A quick buddy

For your tasks

And alas

I can only ask

Am I nothing more?