Fan Like a Moth

View the fan


like moth wings in plain sight

like soft lips upon mine

or like a pen moving swiftly by

melting lamplight

watch a candle's glow

pour itself out of

the wick through the blades

of the fan

leaving the shadow confused

on how to move

like a dancer

without hearing

like the sword-slash

that leaves no searing


comes in blood drops

force the needle

through the soft white skin

eyes tearing slightly

as beauty is achieved once again

like the clown

like the blossom on a plant

pretending to be clean and alive

but growing from black dirt-

how would it stand a chance on this side?


is this fist in my stomach

It's the splinter sewn in-

stubbornly, like a pinprick

lost beneath tough skin

lost in caves

darkness humbling

candlesticks and frowning

cleverly built into human surroundings

seeking out something worth allowing

mostly accident

most likely permanent

these stains; spelling searching

are written in lovely heartfelt cursive

signed with my signature

its been my decision that

I'v lost all the sketches from

my beautiful vision

Silence will trail after the sound like a shadow trails after light.