"Don't leave me now, don't leave me now, and don't leave me now"

The lyrics swam in her mind as she huddled closer into her boyfriend's chest. She felt a few tears slide down her cheeks as she thought about what was going to happen.

Looking at her watch she watched the luminous display read: 1:34am. 6 hours left. She had 6 hours left before he was leaving her to travel to London. Well at least that's where she thought it was, she'd never bothered to gather all the important information. It hurt too much to think about it never mind discuss it with him. She really didn't want to hurt him. Having no idea whether it would or not, she wasn't about to take the chance.

Wiping the tears away she looked up at the peaceful sleeping face leaning slightly towards her. He always seemed happy when he slept and she wondered was he really happy now. Was he happy to be leaving? He'd told her so many times he didn't want to leave her alone, but was anything else keeping him here or was it her stopping him from doing anything.

Feeling a slight breeze sweep over the small, dark room she moved close towards his warm body and strong arms. He had no shirt on so she felt the warmth coming from his body. Putting her ear close to his chest she could hear the steady heart beat, radiating from his body. Normally the rhythmic patterns lulled her to sleep but this night it wasn't doing anything of the sort. It just brought her closer to tears, knowing he would not be around for 6 weeks, she may not hear that noise again.

6 weeks…she could barley manage 6 hours without wishing he was with her to pull her close and make her feel everything was going to be okay again. In 3 days her exam results would appear, she wanted him there to hold her close and congratulate or console her. In 2 weeks her new college lessons would begin, she knew she would need him to help her, after he'd already been there and done it all before.

She felt selfish for thinking such things but she couldn't help it. Her best friend had tried to convince her otherwise but it hadn't helped. He was going and she didn't want him to leave. It was that simple. Unfortunately it wasn't going to happen that way.

He told her that he felt he was going to loose her, she was more concerned with it being the opposite way round.

"I love you, babe I really do," she began whispering to his sleeping body, "your all I need, I don't want you to go, I'm being selfish but please don't leave me." She began shaking and crying while whispering "I love you" over and over again.

She turned away from him so her back was to his front and curled into a small ball. She fell asleep, crying, half an hour later.

A small tear trickled down the boyfriend's face as he wiped away hers and remembered what she'd whispered.