2 weeks later

Isabelle tugged at the bottom of her shirt, willing it to cover her pierced navel, as she took one last glance in the mirror.

"First day of college, First day of a new start" She thought to herself as she brushed at her shoulder-length blonde hair. She was determined to start this year well, no matter how much her heart was hurting.

2 weeks…it had only been two weeks since Aaron had left and she still remembered it vividly in her dreams.

"Don't forget me?" She questioned while looking into his mesmerizing eyes.

"Never Belle, I love you always" he replied, and with a gentle kiss and hug he was gone.

Isabelle sighed, picking up her new files ready to place them into her tattered bag, when a small black envelope fell to her feet. Putting the files to the floor and pushing her hair out of face she picked up and opened the envelope. As she saw the familiar handwriting her heart leapt.

My belle,

I hope you have a great first day at college, if you're reading this before your first days then I have low expectations of you. I didn't think you'd move your files before you had to! Be yourself and have fun.

Love always


A tear now smudged the written kisses following his name. She quickly wiped away the tear and neatly put the letter in her pocket. She looked in the mirror critically at herself. Her hair was straightened and styled; she had her dark blue baggy jeans on complemented with a white t-shirt with "Don't Touch" across the front. Her usual jewellery adorned her wrists and around her neck was a small heart pendant Aaron gave her before he left. Looking at the time and noticing she had 10 minutes before she was due to leave, she restarted the tedious chore of packing her bag.


A high pitched scream seemed to be coming towards her as a blur of what seemed to be a girl lunged at her. Looking up at the smiling face, with brown hair pulled back in bunches, she saw her best friend Leila. As Isabelle stood up Leila gave her another hug. "Where the hell have you been? I must have called around 5 times last night, no reply" Leila said, trying to act strict. It just made Isabelle laugh to see her normally hyperactive friend trying to be stern with her.

"I went walking, you know just around the town" Isabelle said with a shrug. Leila was not impressed with this answer.

"Ever heard of a little device called a mobile? It's small and fits into pockets of jackets or trousers and makes it easy to contact you! Isn't that amazing?" Isabelle raised an eyebrow at her.

"Didn't have any pockets on my trousers, and I didn't take a jacket," Leila just stared at her blankly "And yes I know it was raining like mad, I found somewhere to go" Isabelle began walking to the old building in front of her, thinking about her weekend.

She'd purposely forgotten her mobile, she wanted to be alone. She had disappeared to the derelict building works that her and Aaron had found one day when it began raining. Isabelle smiled to herself when she thought of the things that had happened that night. She shook her head gently, as if trying to erase the thoughts from her mind as Leila pestered her to find out where she'd been hiding. Isabelle suddenly stopped.

Stood at the gates was a mixed group of people from her old school. A few of them used to be her old best friends but soon after leaving they felt no such obligation to call or talk to her anymore. One of them spotted her and quickly mumbled something to the others. Trying to be brave Isabelle kept walking with Leila, who attempted to keep the conversation flowing.

Michelle, one of the old friends, gave Isabelle a cold hard stare. It wasn't unknown that she had been in love with Aaron. But that was months ago, and Isabelle didn't know how she felt now.

"Still moping around?" Michelle shouted. Isabelle raised her head and looked at the dark haired girl. "You know he's going to find someone new down there, gonna forget all about you and you're stupid thing that you class as a relationship" Isabelle quickly put down her head to hide the tears that were now welling up in her eyes. Hurrying into the old grey building she tried to remember the way to her first class with Leila quickly following trying to get her to talk to her.

After convincing Leila she was okay Leila took off for her first class of Theatre Studies. A class she was perfect for with her vast knowledge of the theatre and also her vast amount of confidence. After Isabelle re-looked at her schedule a few times she soon relaxed.

Stepping into the main building she felt swept away with the tide of college students. Many were older or unknown faces but she spotted some that she recognised from past taster courses or from around her casual meetings with her friends. Feeling inadequate and very small she began feeling the shyness creep over her. Using her smallish stature compared to the taller, and some what scariness of her peers, she began weaving through them to get towards her class.

Arriving at the door of her first class, Psychology, she braced herself for what was expecting her on the other side of the door. Isabelle began wondering what her class mates would be like, would she know any of them or would they all disregard her with the normal bitchy looks she received daily. Her hand was on the door handle as she glanced into the classroom when a deep voice retorted

"This is a nice door but I would like to claim a seat before they all get taken. So if you would kindly leave your day dreaming for later in the day it would be much appreciated"

Isabelle turned round to look at the speaker behind her. Having to look up extremely high at the tall male in front of her, she was ready to give him a piece of her mind when, he swept straight past her and claimed a seat. Completely dumbfounded Isabelle walked in the classroom and claimed a seat on the other side of the room. She began staring out the window, fingering her small necklace wishing Aaron was close enough to hug her.

As the rest of the class began filing in Isabelle began looking around for the teacher. She caught the eye of the guy who had teased her before and she gave him a look over. He had black messy hair, it looked like he'd crawled out of bed or had been dragged out. He must have put the messiest pair of baggy jeans and the dirtiest shirt he could find on for the day. The long black jeans barely covered his grey boxers and the back of them were torn up. A long sleeved white and black shirt covered his torso with rolled up sleeves.

As she looked at his hair again the guy caught her staring, looking down she saw the same pair of vans that were placed on her feet.

"Are my feet that interesting?" he asked being incredibly sarcastic.

"You wish!" Isabelle scoffed and faced the front of the room. Trying to keep herself interested in doodling on her black note pad she felt his eyes on her. "What?" she said exasperated.

"Oh I'm just trying to read your name bracelet…Izzy is it?" Isabelle curled her arm away from the scruffy guy's view and caught site of his file. On the front was written: "I am Bob…fear me!"

"Is bob your name then?" she asked pointing to the file.

"Nope it's Tyler, but I like to scare people with my alter ego" Isabelle gave him a look and he pulled his tongue at her and turned away. She had to hold the giggles in as the teacher arrived into the classroom.

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