your lies are simply divine hunny
just like your turquoise eyes as i
press my lips to your beating heart
waiting for our minty freash start
one without delicate self-hate and
screaming smashed plates purge
my sanity day by day.

yet night by night
i crawl to you like cocaine i crave your smile
that saves me from such dreadful denial
my life's in splinters its crumbling white
fingers trace the promise you made that night
hungry for your irresistable sympathy that
saves me ( such a fortune on therapy) and
takes away my pain.

to bring me back and
gimme a secret from inside your head
gimme a excuse to melt in your bed.
my trembling hands cling with you
this superficial longing i have for you
unpeel this infection i accquired to you
and let your aqua perfection
me through.