Impossible Role

A fantastic acress foiled

I know; I see it in your eyes

I do notice your half-smile

Conjured up with your reluctant mouth muscles

Don't try to fool me

I can see past the mask

When you tell me you're fine

I can translate that

That means you're broken up inside

You can't convince me

For I see if all in your cold eyes

And in the way you stare at the ground

So lifeless

So consumed

By the nightmares of your past

You think being emotionless makes you stronger

When it really just weakens you

It shows how vulnerable you can be

Shutting everything out

Just rips your heart into shreds

You try to capsulize your joy and glee

Live with fear and pain

To remind you of every mistake

You never made

I know for a fact that something's up

Don't blow me off

Because I know what "I'm fine" really means

You need to just calm down for a minute

Confide in us

We might be able to help

Or at least make you show a true smile

Please, I know something's going on

I'm not that ignorant

You're a fantastic actress

Yes, you are

But you can't conceal your eyes

They have no secrets

They have no lies

I can see it all

Each twinge of pain

Each burst of regret

Each moment of flashback

So talk to me

Cause this is one role

You just can't play