Evil bunnies

Eating cheese

Annoying the staring cows

It was time for a show down

From their fur switchblades slashed

And from their utters milk droplets flashed

(Lame theme music here: Wont wont wah…)

The score was even

Each army faced each other with malice

Blood would be shed

And many may soon lay dead

The charge was on

Soon everyone was gone

But each leader faced each other

Many in the background were crying for their mother

Paws and hooves twitched at their sides

Each defending their pride

More Lame theme music: Wont wont wah…)

In the back some bunnies were misbehaving

And 'recreating'

Evil bunnies would come soon

The cows wailed to the full moon

As their reinforcements arrived

As the rate, to resolve the matter, it would take all of time

Until they showed up on the hill

Standing over the forms of Jack and Jill

(Even more lame theme music: wont wont wah…)

The cavalry is here boys

They cried, now les make some noise!

That's when the party began

As the troops fell under the hands

Of tribbles

Cute, furry, round and brown

They had come to rock their worlds and shake it upside down!

Man were they winning, cows and bunnies with nowhere to go

Both evil bunnies and cows seemed to know

They made peace so the fight was settled and battle would stop

As they all smiled in harmony each fell to the ground in a flop

Sleeping, tired with the war

Happy with the results the tribbles left them together

And Jack and Jill are no more; they won't comeback, not forever


(thanks tostlouisrams00 for the inspiration)

So who should go at the end of my summry(ies) cows or evil bunnies???

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