EPILOUGE: 'Why Can't We Be Friends?':

Singing songs and roasting monkeys on the fire

The friendship of these two old enemies shall never tire

They feel now no reason to fight

Instead enjoying hobbies together like flying kites

A new day had dawned

The peacemakers were long gone

They had been happy with the final play

But now a new danger dawned on that day

Then the frogs came in hopping

All the festivities were stopping

They had their quarrel

With an evil squirrel

But their prey was not the there

Even this assault was planned with care

So for a quick spot of fun

They'd beat up these blokes and be done

Soon on their way to regain the quest

But the two allies did not think this best

Show Down

(Theme music: Wont wont wah…)


Oh it was a sight

To see those frogs fight!

Oh they had 'em all in a choke hold

Those rascals were bold!

But those bunnies of Satan

Pulled out their switchblades and began a hatn'

The cows they also jumped with a spin

For sure these armies were high on gin!

But the cows held strong

As you can tell by my battle song

Oh they were udderly ridicules shootn' calcium

The milk wasn't the only thing going sour

And as it grew later in the hour

A pair of fuzzies were a watchn'


But meanwhile the battle raged on

(Lame theme music: Wont wont wah…)

It seemed nothing could end this battle royal

Nothing but those poor deceased monkey sprits

So let's hear it!

They come from the fires

And now these words turn dire

They did what all monkeys do:


Of course this is just silly

Hi! said the bold flower lily

It was stepped on by the newly arrived

Evil Squirrel who was feeling much deprived

He wanted to fight!

The others figured this was all right

Three against one

The squirrel made a face and said, Oh no this won't be fun…

Well the odds are three to one

And you can guess who won

So now there allies laughed with spirits

Roasting squirrel on a spigot

Authoress Note: Thanks for the reviews! They made me very hoppy!He he he...SMILE ON!