But You Were The One

You said everything wrong,

You did everything wrong,

But you were the one.

You told me all those lies,

You kept telling that I was wrong,

When you knew I was right,

You treated me, so very badly,

You made me cry at night in my sleep,

But you were the one.

Sometimes late at night, I still dream of you

Yet it's not you, but someone else entirely

In the dream, you kind to me, loving to me,

In the dream, you treated me like a real person

Not just your toy of the week

I should not miss you so much

But you were the one.

But you were the one,

You open my eyes, made me see beyond

The glowing light in front,

You made me hear the voices inside of me,

And for the first time, I realized I wasn't

Just another toy of the week

In your own way you cared,

You treated me badly; you pushed me away

But in the end, you were the only one

To see me as I am.

And not make me; want to change myself

You once told me, I reminded you of you,

That once upon a time you were me,

And you lived in a cage,

You did not realize you wanted to be free

Until someone like you, found you when you were me,

And that someone like you opened the cage freed you.

Now I realize even with all the bad things you did to me,

You did free me.

You were the one,

I may hate you for it,

But you were the one,

The one person who saw me as I am,

And did not turn away,

You were the one,

All I have left say to you is

Thank you.


-I wrote this in 9th grade, rereading it I found myself thinking with a little editing it wasn't that bad. What do you think?