Found the secrets of the vipers

In plain view.

In empty blue nothingness!

Why, anything, anything at all can be found if you

Want to find it – if you want to put the time and energy

Into finding it, as I did.

But, as my allergy

Had acted up again, in my house I stayed, where I rid

My mind of boredom and of the rest:

Strode out to the last field, the Blue Nothing

Where much can be made, perchance you invest.

Twas there I found accounts

By my fellow comrades, of days past and present:

So much information: like endless water founts

They spouted their authors opinions, my observance present.

How foolish they were, to "post" such things!

Reveal these "posts" to our superiors, I did,

And whaddyouknow, they all grew wings

(Or they might as well have) and threw me in a coffin: closing the lid,

One shouted "traitor!" and that was that was that was that.

What the hell. Better luck next go-round!