This is simply part of The Fangscherry Chronicles, which will eventually include many stories. There will be supernatural elements. There will be violence. There will be romance and sexuality- though none too explicit due to site regulations. Perhaps I will pep it up a bit, on the site I haven't even uploaded it there, yet.

This particular story is the tale of a Hunter, as he is trained and as he fights- discovering himself and the world around him.

The Fangscherry Chronicles

Fischer Wails

Prologue- Part One

My training began over eight years ago, when my interests in the supernatural was discovered by a group with stations all over the world. They watched me as I studied, and soon developed an interest of their own.

It truly began when I met my future mentor at a coffee shop.

Daniel Wyneburge sat patiently at one of the corner tables, lightly drumming his fingers to a tune in his head. He had contacted the young man, who showed extreme potential. Now, he waited for him to come to the little corner coffee shop. He didn't have to wait long before the door opened again, and the subject of interested entered.

"Daniel Wyneburge," Daniel said politely, extending his hand to the young man as he approached.

"Harris Fischer." The boy had a strong grip, which Daniel knew would help. "What exactly did you wish to talk about? You mentioned something about a job."

"Yes, but only if you're interested. Harris, what do you want to do in life?"

"I'm not sure anymore, to be truthful. When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to go into forensic chemistry, but a semester through college I dropped out."

"Because the area didn't agree with you, or college didn't?"


"I understand that you've taken to studying the supernatural. May I ask what brought that about?"

"Well, when I was a kid, I always had all the 'what ifs' running through my mind. What if there are haunted places? What if there are all of these monsters? I know I must sound crazy, but part of me wanted them to."

"What if I could tell you that you're not crazy, and that those things do exist?" Daniel asked, waiting for Harris to absorb that thought. If he lost the young man now, there would be no second chances.

"That's...slightly unbelievable."

"Why do you research such things if they're so hard to believe?"

"I guess it's the possibility, the excitement."

"There!" Daniel exclaimed. "That's why I'm talking to you. You want these things to exist because you're unsatisfied with a normal life, with reality as you know it. You want something out there that science and logic can't explain. That's why you dropped your studies in forensic chemistry."

"But what can a guy do? There's only so much. Drop out of college and work as a motel manager. Now, that's a scary occupation."

"You can join the world's leading underground paranormal research and hunting organization."

"The world's huh?"

"We are known as the Council of Archer. There has been some form of this group since written history began, but it was united by William Archer in the early 1700s. We now have branches all over the world, and a main center in all major country capitals. Our job is to research every little thing that goes bump in the night and exterminate any dangers."

Harris sat stiffly, his mouth slightly agape. His coffee was growing cold, but he no longer cared or even acknowledged the warm liquid's existence. He barely dared to hope, but he couldn't bring himself to deny such a dream.

"It involves three months of rigorous physical and mental training, which will continue to a lesser degree after you have entered the field. As I said, there are branches all over the world, and there's no telling where they would send us."


"I am your mentor, should you choose to accept. That's why I'm the one contacting you. I would be in charge of your training if you manage to graduate after the first month of basic skills."

"Why should I believe you?" Harris couldn't help but to ask. Why should he blindly follow some guy he met in a coffee shop, especially after all that he had heard.

"What are you losing here, Harris? Your mediocre jobs? Your holey apartment? I'll assume there's no significant other in your life!"

When Harris really thought about it all, he was ashamed to know that Daniel Wyneburge had hit the mark. He really had nothing to lose by leaving. So what if Daniel Wyneburge's promises were far-fetched. At least, they were something.

"What do I need to do?"

"Here are some directions," Daniel said, handing him a legal pad with driving direction on the front page. "Seventy miles south of here is this insignificant town of Sabensville, Georgia. That is where the largest facility of the southern United States branches is located. Now, I need to call and tell one of the housekeepers that you're on your way.

"Take care of everything you have left here, Harris. If things go as well as I foresee, you won't be coming back."

"I leave today?"

"You have something better to do?"

Harris threw the last box of clothes into the trunk of his car, slamming it shut before making his way to the driver's side. He got into his car and said goodbye to the life he was leaving behind. The goodbye was short-lived.

He followed Daniel Wyneburge's directions and found himself in the wilderness- or something dangerously close to it. Every once and awhile, he would pass a gravel driveway leading back into the trees, but he could see nothing beyond that. Then, he saw the gate listed in the instructions. Two guards stood on either side of it, watching him warily as he pulled up.

"Harris Fischer," he said to the guard on the drivers' side. The guard looked up and nodded at his companion, who then unlocked the gate.

"Drive forward and take the left fork in the road," the guard said.

Harris drove forward into the surrounding darkness, overwhelmed immediately by the sounds of the forest. He didn't drive far before he came to the fork and took the left road.

Soon enough, the trees and undergrowth faded away, leaving Harris speechless with what he saw instead. It was, without a doubt, the largest house he had ever seen, and though he couldn't determine its age, it seemed timeless- as though it stood naturally, belonging to the earth, rather than man. The cream-painted walls stretched out to either side, and stood three stories tall. White stone steps led up to the front double doors. Daniel Wyneburge waited at the bottom of the stairs.

Recovering from his shock, Harris pulled off to the side, where eight other cars were parked Two fairly huge men exited the building and made their way to the trunk of Harris's car.

"It's good to see you again, Harris," Daniel said, extending his hand in greeting when Harris walked towards the steps. "Why don't I give you the condensed tour?" Daniel walked up the stone steps and opened the door, extending the invitation to their newest arrival.

The entrance hall glowed with a warm light that bounced off the polished wood floors and the marble staircase and the hanging portraits. Small wall sconces decorated the hall, making the school feel more like a home.

"Gather everyone in the dining hall," Daniel instructed a sharp-looking man who stood off to the side of the hall. "Tell them our new arrival is here." The man nodded and took off, while Daniel approached one of the larger portraits hanging in the hall. The man within it looked strict and altogether unforgiving, yet wise beyond anything Harris would ever know. He felt as though he were watched, and as though eyes other than Daniel's could see him. "Let me introduce you to William Archer. Now, I'll briefly give you the verbal tour before you meet the others. The second and third floors are strictly housing, and your room is on the second floor. The basement is for combat classes and history classes, which are perfectly dreary for the basement. The first floor holds the dining hall, library, the kitchen, Monsters 101 as we fondly call it, and the two classrooms we use to instruct beginning and intermediate witches."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Harris said. "Did you just say witches?"

"Indeed, I did. We instruct more than just physical fighters. We must use every tool we have to win, Harris."

"That's a little hard to believe."

"It should be. Now, I'll take you to meet everyone else."

"But first- any talking cats, two-headed babies, or something I should look out for?"

"No," Daniel said with a small smile on his face. "We're all human here."

Daniel led Harris into the dining hall. It didn't vary much from the polished wood floors and wall sconces of the entrance hall. Three long wood tables were arranged in a U-shape, with the two ends pointing towards the door. People stood around the table, all of them separated into three groups.

"We currently have thirty-two students, excluding you. This group of seventeen are in training to fight through physical means," Daniel said, indicating the first group. "This group of fifteen is studying magic, although four will leave at the end of this week. And this last group," Daniel said, acknowledging the generally older group, "consists of all our teachers. We have four martial arts instructors, three in the area of magic, two for history, two for Monsters 101, and the remaining five are in change of research and the library."

"His room is ready," the sharp-looking staff member from the entrance hall said.

"Follow Mr. Clayton," Daniel told Harris. "He is the staff member in charge of your wing of the second floor."

Harris followed Mr. Clayton back out to the entrance hall and up one side of the staircase to the second floor. They continued down the dimly lit hallway until they turned a corner and Mr. Clayton stopped and opened the first door on the left.

"Welcome to your new home," Mr. Clayton said, dismissing himself.

Harris entered the room, which was just as beautiful as the rest of the house. The walls were a dark green with a cream-colored border. The same wall sconces adorned the walls, and the only other lighting came from a bedside lamp next to the four post bed in the center of the room. Investigating the two other doors in the room, Harris found a closet and a bathroom attached. He knew already that this was better than his previous lodgings.

And so his new life began.