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Dragon's Sword

………. Seven years old ……….

A little girl climbed a tree at a dangerous speed that worried her friend.

"Rei, slow down!" he gasped as he followed her. Reiyuku, or more commonly known as Rei, stopped and turned to look at her friend and sort-of older brother, Ryosuke.

"Can't catch up, Ryo?" she said mischievously.

"It's dangerous! Sensei said that we shouldn't climb up this tree!"

"Oh, come ON… This isn't the first time we rebelled against him."


"Okay, okay, can't I just have a peek from the top?"


"Okay, okay…" she sighed.

"We should go back to practicing now, okay?"

"Yes, Ryo nii-chan…"

………. Fourteen years old ……….


Rei lunged in to attack Ryo. They swung their swords that met with a sound that echoed around them. The other students winced at the sound. They disengaged, and Rei started muttering a spell under her breath. Ryo's eyes widened as she flicked her wrist in a familiar way.

"Third element, fire!" she casted.

"Third element, fire!" he quickly blocked her attack using the same element.

But he wasn't prepared for the attack that was hiding BEHIND her fire. He brought his sword in front of him just in time. Their swords slammed into each other. Ryo managed to throw Rei's sword out of her hand but, unfortunately, his sword flew out of his hands in the process as well.

He quickly grabbed a dagger from his boot and rushed towards Rei. She ducked his attack and he skipped hers.

"First element, wind!"

"Second element, water!"Rei didn't know where, or how, but Ryo was suddenly behind her. Before she could react, he pinned her hands to her back, his dagger at her throat.

"Yield?" he asked softly. She grinned.


She slammed a foot hard onto his shoe. He let her go, cursing under his breath.

"Hah! You thought me that!" she said triumphantly. The other students sniggered at her naïveté. She was the youngest and the only female graduate so far. Ryo frowned at her.

"Fourth element, earth!"

"Second element, water!"

"This battle is going to last a long time…"

………. Fifteen years old ……….

"It's coming… the battle between the humans and… them…" Rei murmured. Ryo looked at Rei worriedly.

"Are you sure you want to go?"

"Of COURSE! I know that you're two years older than me and everything but that doesn't mean that I'm weaker than you!"

"Actually, Rei, sorry to burst your bubble and everything, but you ARE." Ryo sighed. Rei frowned at him.

"I'll be FINE! Don't worry! I'm one of the best here and you know it." She said, leaning against the tree. The tree that she and Ryo had climbed when she was seven, and got in trouble with their sensei soon after. A silence stretched between them.

"Rei… can you not go?" he asked her. She pouted.

"How come? You've been acting weird these past few weeks, even before we heard about the battle. Are you okay?" she asked, crouching next to him. He turned to face her. Her weird eye color, one eye a deep blue and the other a deep green, looked at him full of concern. Her gold-brown hair framed her face. She hadn't changed a bit since… since forever.


He cupped her chin and kissed her softly on the lips.

………. The battle ……….

Rei swung her sword that was around the length of her shoulder to her toe and swung it to the incoming opponents. She had lost more than half her stamina, and their side wasn't winning the battle.

'Vampires… Why didn't they say that it was the VAMPIRES? Of course, there are the monsters and everything but…' her thoughts got cut off as she blocked out a heavy attack. A monster that was more than four times her height slammed his club onto her weapon. Her legs buckled underneath her.

"RYU!" She screamed. Her sword glowed and flame engulfed the sword, and the flame traveled to the monster's club, to his arm, and his entire body… Rei jumped swiftly out of the way as the monster fell down heavily onto the spot she was just a few seconds ago.

"Nice…" someone murmured behind her. She didn't even have the time to turn around.

Everything went black.

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