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A Passage to Freedom…

Chapter Seven – A much needed thing

"Ok so I'm a little, slightly, nervous. I'm not sure about you guys but being cautious never hurt anyone" whispered Marcus

"Oh come on just go down the stairs its not like some wild rabid animal lives down here with the dust bunnies" Alex gave Marcus a little shove

"You come on …silence…come on now …silence…yeah that's what I thought, all talk and no play" Maxwell let out a forced laugh

"Just move, all of you, god you're blocking the stairs you bunch of babies. We need to get down and put the food away, so move!" Maria swept by them as grace full as possible with the load she was carrying and continued down the stairs to the basement with Jessica in toe. Both where carrying a load of food, Jessica was carrying some liquor and a few frozen packages of meat.

"Maria, Jess, wait up. We don't know what's down there! We should call the land lady back first. Don't go down there yet wait for me!" yelled Marcus as he flung himself down the stairs knocking both guys as well, taking them down with him. The ball of bodies came a bouncin' down the stairs, the girls had to take action quickly, plaster themselves against the wall so as not to get brought down as well and when the floor came up to meet the guys a resounding "shit", was ushered and was no sooner followed by a chorus of groans and moans. The sight was unbearably funny to Jessica but not to amusing to Maria, as they finished walking down the stairs on a mission to find the second fridge and deep freeze.

"Hey peep's I was…what happened to you guys, Maria what did you do to them. Guys what did you do to Maria or …where's the spider? Ha-ha come on kiddies what's happened?" yelled Joel from the top of the stairs. Maria put down the food she was carrying and rushed back to the bottom of the stairs, not minding where she stepped (hint, hint).

"Don't blame me for this …example, of male maturity" with that she turned, trod over the guys again and finished putting the food away. Jessica just backed way slowly and waited.

"Oh man, um guys my suggestion is that you all get your asses up here and help unpack, we also should check out the bed rooms soon cause the living room is getting packed with suit cases" Joel turned from the stairs laughing as the guys scrambled, with limited success, to get up stairs before one another.

Elsewhere in town, but not that far way actually;

"Well this is the kitchen and if you just slide these, you'll find the dinning table."

"How many bed rooms do you have?"

"Oh there are 4 possible rooms that you can use. And the large room is off to the other side of the house. There we've put together a sort of lounge, its good if you want to have company over."

"Well I like the look of the place; we'll take it, now how about we talk about rent and time share?"

Back to chaos…

"MINE!" – Latoya

"NO, Mine!" – Jessica

"No it's both yours, you two are sharing a room, have fun ladies" Maria laughed and walked across the hall into 'her' bed room.

"Who ever heard of a house with only 4 bed rooms? Hey Maria how come you get to have your own room?" Yelled Latoya

"Lantie she's not going to respond" said Joel who was watching with and amused expression on his face.

"It's called Seniority, get use to it, I have to, and I'm the youngest here, next to Joel" Jessica slumped her bag down on the floor and went to go help everyone carry in Latoya's bags.

"Well here's the last of it, now let's try and get our own stuff in" growled Maxwell before he went back outside to fetch more suit cases from the car.

The next problem came when deciding which two boys would go together originally they were going to go the youngest together like the girls but Joel and Maxwell together just seemed like pushing the new 'friendship' just a bit too far. Then they thought of putting the brothers together but that lasted half an hour when the two fought over who got the cot and on where it should be placed, so it was decided that Joel and Marcus would bunk together and Alex and Maxwell would be together. After everything was in and slightly put in order they went out for a stroll into town to find a place to have dinner and meet some locals.

"I'm so hungry, all I had to eat lately was fruit" Marcus groaned as he picked up the rear of the group.

"We're almost there sweetie; actually I'm thinking that the place over there, it look like a good place" Maria pointed at a small building that was all lit up and you could see people out on the patio, all the while falling back to walk with Marcus.

"Yeah it looks inviting and can you smell the food?" Alex was drooling as his feet where drifting over the sand following the smell of food.

The spot that they had chosen to eat dinner was one of a few prominent local night spots though getting a table wasn't much of a problem, after Latoya flashed her way in and Alex and Marcus simply ganged up on the poor door man. The music was thumping loudly and the air was thick of smells, food and alcohol with the slight additive of smoke and what they where sure was pot. Looking wildly around Maria was getting nervous and grasping onto both Jessica and Joel.

"Maria let go, it's not like I'm going to be picked on by some bully or abducted" but that only served to make her grasp tighter. Joel tried to pry Maria's hand from his arm while looking, pleadingly, at Marcus who was already into his first drink.

"Maria would you like something to drink, head nods, hey Alex! Maria wants a drink!" and with that Alex waved Maria over and she then let go of both prisoners. Marcus just turned to Joel and Jessica with a smile and proceeded to sit down at their table while shoving Joel over playfully.

Once they where settled, drinks and all, a waitress made her way over to them.

"Spaghetti n' meat balls, with a sprite" –Joel

"Vegetable Udon, with a sprite as well please" –Jessica

"I'll have the same as Jess but with a coke" – Maxwell

"Same as Joel for me please, oh and another Bellini" -Marcus

"Hum, I think I'll have the prawn and shrimp, thank you" –Maria

"Just a plain salad for me, oh plus an orange juice if you have it, fresh squeezed please" –Latoya

"And a club sandwich along with hers and a steak with a creaser salad for me, along with another beer thanks" Alex cut off Latoya's up and coming argument with a demeaning stare.

After dinner and desert they were invited to go play Frisbee on the beach, which turned out to be a blast, the guy and his friends had a light-up Frisbee, the only problem was that the ocean had no light so by the time they had decided to head home, Latoya, Maria, Jessica, Joel and Alex where all soaked (Alex wasn't actually soaked due to the game, you can guess who did it though).

"Oh man I have sand in places I really don't want sand to ever be!"

"Joel we all do" Maria was shaking out her shoes while preventing anyone else from entering the house before they got off as much sand as possible. Being that there were only 3 bathrooms and only two of them had showers the fight was on. Once cleaned Alex lit the fire place and they all gathered to have some tea before getting ready for bed.

"Thanks for clearing ladies I'll get the fire going" Alex smiled after Jessica and Maria as they went though the sliding doors into the kitchen.

"Its ok Alex I can get it later you should go help Joel and Marcus with the fire wood, I bet then need it" Alex just smiled at Maxwell's change in behavior but at the same time couldn't help but agree with him when he considered the picture of both Marcus and Joel trying to chop wood for tomorrow, in fact he didn't understand why they had wanted to go do it now and not tomorrow but they were so egger to do it that he had been unable to deny their request.

The boys skipped giddily over to the hut that housed the wood. They set up some light and with axe in hand they went around behind it and found them selves a bunch of gigantic logs.

"um ok, this will be fun?"

"Have at it Marcus"

"Joel you're a lazy ass, you don't finish your math homework the other night at my place and now you won't be a man an' chop wood" Marcus congratulated himself with the subtle hint, only hoping that Joel understood. Well that wasn't a problem, they stood there for a few minutes neither one moving or speaking both waiting for the other to start up where they had left off. Wanting to prove that he meant what he had started Marcus dropped the axe and walked up to stand in front of Joel.

Basically staring nowhere Joel found his vision yanked over to the taller figure approaching him. Marcus was looking straight at him, right in the eyes, those orange orbs, Joel felt the blood rush to his cheeks and else where. When Marcus noticed this he smirked which stapled Joel's feet to the ground. Reaching up to place a small amount of pressure to the back of Joel's neck Marcus leaned down slightly to capture Joel's lips with his own.

Joel closed his eyes feeling Marcus's hot breath on his lips then the soft flesh connected, just ever so lightly before the warmth was replaced by the cold wind. Blinking and breathing harshly he looked to Marcus wondering what had happened, why he'd stopped. Marcus's response was to point over to the house and just as Marcus picked up the axe and prepared to swing, Alex came walking toward them with another flashlight. It was then that Joel heard the door slide shut; he hadn't heard the door open! Lucky Marcus did, Joel was unsure how he'd explain Marcus to his brother quite yet.

"Hey guys thought I'd come and help!" Alex smiled and clasped his brother on the shoulder.

"Well we've only found one axe but I'm not sure how strong juniors arms are, its not like he could chop wood with his feet" Both Alex and Marcus laughed at Joel's expense but he soon joined in.

"Yeah, Maria and Jess are cleaning up in the kitchen, Max is watching the fire and well you guys know what Lantie's doing" Alex broke from Joel to have another look in the tool hut for another axe.

"Does she really have to be on the phone all the time?"

"I really don't know Marcus but all the girls I've dated she's the one that talk's the most" –Joel

"Next to Leanne?" –Marcus

"Oh right, no then Lantie's second" all three laughed but stopped immediately to look cautiously toward the house. After searching again Alex was able to find one more axe. Feeling left out Joel started looking around for one, the other boys smiled in amusement as Joel got more and more frustrated when he couldn't find one. In a stroke of utter genius Joel spotted the next door neighbors axe and sprinted over to retrieve it.

"Joel! What are you doing get back here!" Marcus just caught Joel out of the corner of his eye crouching behind a bush just feet from the neighbors wood pile.

"Oh man he's going to get us in trouble, that stupid child" Alex put down his axe and went to go pick up and drag his brother back just as Joel leaped from his hiding place and grabbed the axe and came sprinting toward him. Once safely in his own yard the puppy smiled triumphantly at Alex and Marcus, tail waggling and eyes saying; I did good! I did good?

"You're a moron" –Alex

Joel simply stuck up his nose and strutted over to a chopping block and prepared some wood. It was then that he noticed the two older boys where smirking and eyeing him with anticipation. Setting that all aside Joel sung the axe behind and to the side then came down with a loud crack! Marcus's and Alex's jaws dropped at the sight of the cleaved wood while Joel smiled, pushing his nose's higher in the air. With that display Alex turned and resumed chopping wood. Once Marcus did likewise Joel's smiled faded to a frown and he put down his axe and cupped his hands jumping around silently in pain.

Inside the house Maria and Jessica giggled their way back into the kitchen after watching the three boys at the wood pile.

"What's going on?" Latoya was plugging her phone in when they entered.

"Oh it's the boys, giggle, their, giggle, oh never mind you have to see it for your self" Jessica grabbed Latoya by the arm and showed her the guys. It did take long for Maria and Jessica to stop laugh while Latoya simple drooled and commented on how hot the guys looked. It was then right as they were able to calm down that Joel's axe got stuck in a log and was forced to dance around to get it out. Marcus and Alex laughed then decided it best to help, they noticed their audience.

"You guys are a bunch of city boys, you look ridiculous" Maxwell yelled over Jessica's shoulder, who was surprised and let out a squeaked. Maria yelled in shock and grabbed Jessica flung her to the ground and belly dived after her, while Latoya ran screeching toward Joel. Thoroughly satisfied with himself, Maxwell took a seat, lit a cigarette and absently listened to the ring of insults from the girls as they regrouped.

"Max you really shouldn't smoke" Maria said as she continued to brush her self off.

"Sorry" He snubbed out the joint and walked back inside.

"He's still grumpier the usual these days" Jessica watched Maxwell's shadow escape into the house before turning to everyone, to Maria, but she was looking to Alex who was avoiding her gaze. Not understanding and getting annoyed and more exhausted by the minute Jessica went back inside to get ready for bed.

"Hey Lantie! Jess is going to bed I think you should do the same" Maria wandered over to them seeing Joel uncomfortable with Latoya. The two girls walked back to the house.

"Guys I don't think you should stay up much later either, you should be getting to bed soon and Joel, don't forget to put the axe back" Yelled Maria over her shoulder, they all started to laugh, except Joel of course.

With things put away and the house cleaned they settled down for the night not a sound accept for the ocean lulled them to sleep, well one light was on. Without Maxwell in bed, Alex was up reading thinking that Max would come to sleep soon as so that he wouldn't be woken up when Maxwell did but when it was nearing 1:00am. Alex decided that it was high time that Max should be sleeping. He looked up and down the hallway before entering it, as he was walking he noticed that there was light coming from Marcus and Joel's room, thinking that it would be brotherly to go in and say goodnight he begun to slide the door open.

ooooooooooooooo EARLYER…: oooooooooooooo

When the three boys finished in the bathroom they said goodnight, Marcus scuttled into his and Joel's room leaving Alex and Joel in the hall.


"Is something wrong champ?"

"God, do you have to call me that?...silence…no, nothings wrong, I guess"

"Okay…, goodnight little bro" Alex knew something was bugging him and that there was probably something that Joel had wanted to tell him but just couldn't yet, Alex knew he could wait for his brother to tell him himself.

"Night Alex" Alex went into his room and Joel stood there for a few minutes, looking at the door.

Marcus looked up when he heard the door slide open, and smiled as Joel looked at him and then came into the room, pushing the door closed behind him.

"I think we need to talk" Marcus patted the spot beside him on the bed and Joel only nodded and sat down in response.

"so what is 'this'?...silence…Joel, I um…" Marcus looked into Joel's eyes and noticed he wasn't looking back at him but somewhere slightly to his left, one of his hands absentmindedly playing with the knitted blanket. Marcus' eyes traveled back down to his own hands and he couldn't help wondering what Joel looked like under those pj's.

'Control yourself,' Marcus scolded himself mentally. He was almost 18 and was suppose to be responsible, and it was time he started acting like it, especially around Joel.

Marcus' body was aching for Joel, again, and he grunted at the memory of their first kiss and the quick moment they'd shared in the gas station bathroom.

"Marcus…I think I…well, I like…you, but I'm not really…sure, of what this is,…Alex, Maria,…and…" Joel looked up at Marcus and saw what he could only describe as bridled lust. Joel swooned as an intense heat racked his body under that stare.

"Joel, you know where I stand, its as had for me as for you, look at me, I'm best friends with your brother! But if you'll have me then I think we can…" Marcus moved closer to Joel and put his left hand on Joel's thigh.

"Marcus, I want t… I don't know, I feel so … your……okay" Joel reached up his right hand and cupped Marcus' face.


"yeah I want this too Marcus" Joel turn to that he was completely facing Marcus with his back to the door and brought his face to Marcus. Not giving him a second, Joel quickly and hungrily stole a kiss. Marcus groaned and kissed back. With Marcus' hands on Joel's hips, lifting him, he gently put Joel on his back onto the bed, with Joel's head on the pillow and laid his own body on top of Joel, and then he slowly tilted his head and moved closer, moving down Joel's jaw line, Joel did the same but stopped to suck in Marcus' ear lode, forcing Marcus to stop kissing him and concentrate on breathing. Once under control, Marcus' moved his lips finally, touching the side of Joel's neck, lightly caressing the burn. He felt Joel's body arch closer, a soft moan escaping his lips.

A hand against Marcus' chest pushed him back as fingers fumbled with the sweat shirt he was wearing. Marcus stopped moving and watched Joel as he took his shirt off, biting his lower lip and Marcus smiled slightly as he did, Joel's hands caressing all the skin they could reach.

As Joel's hands traveled lower and started undoing his pants, Marcus pushed his hands away, and then pulled off Joel's t-shirt, finally getting to see the toned stomach underneath it. He moved his hands to his waist and then pulled the knot from his pants and pulled the pants slowly off, letting them fall to the floor along with the shirt. Marcus' lips traveled up Joel's legs to his chest, almost reaching his left nipple before he felt Joel tangle his fingers in his hair and pull his head up to his lips.

They kissed again. It was full of siring passion and desire, Joel's hands in Marcus' hair, Marcus' hands at Joel's waist, their lips and tongues the only thing moving. Marcus couldn't stand it, he moved closer, trapping Joel's body firmly between the bed with his, grinding his hips against his, moaning into the kiss. Their only break was to breath.

Snaking a hand under them toward Joel's center, Marcus stroked Joel through the silk fabric of his delicious boxers. Marcus smiled to himself when he felt Joel moan, close his eyes and push his hips against his hand. He pulled the material down and snaked his hand down to touch Joel's growing erection, his hand began pumping up and down into a rhythm.

Joel began wriggling, trying to get as much friction as possible and his moans where getting louder and louder, but Marcus was to far gone to think about stopping, the fact that the others could probably hear them never crossed his mind. Marcus' other hand bent Joel's leg up and Joel complied bring up the other and Marcus fumbled with something on the desk but quickly began exploring Joel's toned rear, slicked fingers soon finding his opening and slipped inside.

Joel was seeing stars, with Marcus one hand around his dick and the others fingers stretching, assaulting, him from behind, it was too much! But not enough.

"pleeese, oh god, ….M…M… Marcus, more!" Joel could not believe what he was saying but that didn't matter, he want thing, no, he was feeling. That was all the encouragement the Marcus needed.

Knowing that Joel was ready, Marcus entered him in one thrust, the only sound in the room was that of skin against skin, their lips barely touching as Marcus moved, fast, hard. Joel wrapped both legs around his hips, urging him to go deeper, and as Marcus changed the angle and hit the spot, Joel screamed out in pleasure. Not taking long, Joel's muscles soon clamped around Marcus, and Joel screamed in ecstasy as Marcus' tongue circled his left nipple while he came. Marcus' thrusts became almost frantic as he came too, his lips back on Joel's, some what silencing their moans. Breathing heavily Marcus slipped out of Joel and laid on his side beside him. Joel hugged onto Marcus kissing his chest with a satisfied smile on his face and a bit of confusion in his eyes. Marcus took the opportunity to make out with Joel again.

ooooooooooooo AND WE'RE CAUGHT UP oooooooooooo

Their lips parted, Marcus thinking that someone was at the door, waiting, but nothing happened. Startled he looked back to Joel who has gasping for breath his naked chest rising and falling. Marcus smiled triumphantly at himself, again Joel had failed to notice anything beyond what Marcus was doing to him, proud with him self Marcus recaptured Joel's lips.

Alex stumbled backward away from the door and making as little sound as possible, he awkwardly made his way to the only person his subconscious could think of.

"Um hi…this is unexpected so…wait is there something wrong, Alex are you alright" Maria pulled on her house coat and got up from her bed and helped Alex to sit down not understanding his expression she went out into the hallway and noticed that the door to Marcus's room was slightly open and that there was a soft light coming from with in it. She sat down and waited for Alex to process what he'd just undoubtedly seen.

Alex looked up to Maria as she sat down on the bed beside him.

"Wait, you knew didn't you?"

"Well I didn't know but I suspected"

"I … its not like I have a problem with it it's just that…both of them naked…together…doing……I …………ok"

"Is that it? …ok?"

"Yup…ok" Alex laid down on the bed and went to sleep. WHAT! Maria couldn't believe that Alex had just simply lain down and went to sleep, couldn't he have at least gone back to his own bed, she was really, really, tired. Weighing the option of getting up and waddling her way all the way down to Alex's bed room or moving him over enough for their to be room for her, she decided on the later, and no sooner did her head fit the pillow then did she fall into sleep. Alex opened his eyes and smiled, grabbing a blanket from under them and putting it over them as he followed her into slumber.

It seems that no one really sleeps for long in this group because elsewhere a whispered fight was taking place between Latoya and Jessica.

"For the last time Lantie turn the light off"

"fine, …soooo... are you excited, I'm excited, you should be excited, tomorrow we get to be on the beach oh and when is your letter coming and have you phoned your parents and wasn't dinner great, playing on the beach after was fun as well , the boys where cute, though I got soaked, you got soaked to, well at least we met some locals, you know it was really nice of them to invite us out on their boat tomorrow, wont that be fun too, I just…"

"Hold up!, your are right, I must go now and phone my parents, I'll be back as soon as I'm done phoning my parents, though, that might take a while, so I'll be a few minutes, you might as well go to sleep, ok, I'll be back" Jessica got up and sprinted from the room she didn't even hear Latoya's response.

Quickly shutting the door behind her she walked over to the phone. When she hung up she realized that her parent didn't care, they where glad that their daughters friends had abducted her and dragged her from home. All this considering that it had been answering machine who had answered the phone because her parent had gone out for the night, not caring if Jessica should happen to call. Jessica wandered over to the door but after staring at it for a few minute she decided that it would be best to wait some more before returning, maybe then Latoya would actually be asleep. She wandered out into the living room and sat down in front of the fire place to watch the ambers.

"If you blow on them a little and add a few pieces of kindling you'll get a tiny fire going while you wait for Lantie to fall asleep" Jessica spun around and could just barely make the out line of a person sitting on the couch. It was then that she remembered that Alex had told her just before he went out to the wood pile that Maxwell was watching the fire, though why he still was bewilder her. Startled Jessica grabbed a few pieces of kindling and tried to do as he had said.

"Ha-ha, it ok, here I'll show you" Maxwell got up from the couch and sat down beside Jessica. Once they had a tiny fire going they both sat back to watch it and when it finally died Maxwell suggested that she should go back to bed. He slid the guard cover back in place and followed her out into the hallway. Once they made it to Jessica's room, he surprised her again by giving her a soft peck on the forehead and a gentle goodnight before going into his own room. Finally the house was laid to rest for the night.

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