Chapter One

If you could only see

Sake strummed her pencil on the side of her desk out of boredom. Only one more period and she would be out of school for at least two days. But the last thing on her mind was ever coming back to school. She felt a sense of power and rebellion surge through her veins. There was an urge in her telling and leading her to move out, get away, just leave. None of her teachers would notice anyway, she hardly ever held her hand up in the air of these hot and stick classrooms. When the bell rang Sake somehow found a way out of the stick plastic seat her bare shoulders were aginst. She was free now and the first thign she wanted to do was get a new outfit or the party that ngiht her boyfriend, Andnrew was taking her to. Waiting impatiently in front of his 2005 black Scion TC was Andrew, brihg torange hair hanging in his face andhis left hand playing with his eyebrow ring. It was a nervous habit she'd watch him do a million times before.

The cheap smell of tobacco met Sake's nose as she neared Andrew. Between the fingers of his righ thand, blakc laquered nails dug into a the white thin paper of a cigarette. A flicker of fire shone as Andrew breathed in and then dissapered as he breathed out a whisp of grey and white smoke. With a swing of her hand the smoke was gone, causing Andrew to step out the butt and pull Sake closer to him. With their new found closeness Sake found her black triangle studded belt grinding against the black fabric of Andrew's oversixed Dickies work pants. In an attempt to close the four inch height gap Sake lifted herself on her toes and led her lips to Andrews. Their lips met in some kind of chaotic kiss and Andrew's warm hands immediately found themselves under the cheap cotton and flimsy cotton of Sake's orange tank top. A few passing by students jeered "the punks are at it again", only causing Sake to grin against Andrews lips. The apir eventually seperated themselves and Sake ran her fingers through her chestnut locks haphazardly dancing with purple and punk streaks. Everything in her life was chaotic, including her hair. With a flick of his fingers Andrew unlocked his car. After consideringherself in a pocket mirror Sake climbed into Andrews car, pulling her jeans up when she finally settled in. The pair sped away, completely unaware that the were being watched from above them in a pine tree.

In the distance a clocked figure watched the pair back out of the parking lot in their balck car. But he was not trying to watch them both, his interest was only on the one who was supposed to die. By the end of the night one fo these teenagers was meant to die. He had seen it now, an image, lights and glass and death. This was his job, to make sure that everything happened as planned, free will did get in the way of death sometimes. And this strange man goes by a few names, the Grim Reaper, or Mitch. He preferred Mitch in this case, it seemed more personal when dealing with people his same eternal age. The only thing that Mitch told mortals either living or dead that he encounters is that he is 18. And no matter when or where he tells soemone that, it will always be true. His hair was made of darkness, his eyes posessed the intensity of lighting and his soul pure fire. He swung down from the tree branch he was perched on, his Vans clad geet heavily meeting the wet grass. Stray strands of black hair met his eyes, which Mitch sweeped away quickly. Taking a strand between his fingers and considering it caused Mitch to decide it did not suit him and he lazily covered parts of his hair green and one stray hair a violent shade of red. Wihta content sigh Mitch started down the street, hoping to get some coffee before his appointment with the pair again.

Andrew back out of his parking spot and left Sake waving good-bye. With a turn of her DC shoes her body was facing the mall. Today her job was to find the perfect outfit for the party tonight. As always she found herself scaning the racks of a boutique in an attempt to find something unique and strange. Her fingers ran over a jeweled brooch and a silk scarf, smooth to the touch and flowing over her hand. A pair of sparkling flats caught her eye, but she turned away in discontempt. She wanted something to die fore, truly to die for. As she continued through the carious racks of stores and shelves of vintage boutiques. With a sense of pride Sake selected a neon green cocktail dress, black fishnet stockings and black flats deocrated with matching neon green skull and cross bones. After choosing her outfit Sake went to another store to pick up a necklace with a silver dagger hanging in the middle and strung on thick black string, with matching earrings.

Sake leaned over closer to her mirror and inspected herself in it before spreading black eye shadow on her lids and penciling on black eye liner. She was going for a dramatic look, not that she had to worry about standing out, she always did, no matter what. With a honk from Andrew Sake climbed out of her window, her flats making a gentle click as she wound her way over small stepping stones to the driveway. It only took about ten minutes to reach the party, where Andrew rolled up to hooting at a friend walking by, smoking a cigarrette and drinking a beer. Sake pratically jumped from the car and entered the spacious house, finding her friends instantly, who handed her a clear plastic glass filled with beer. A few hours alter Sake was gound with Andrews arms wound around her, his face buried in her shoulder. There was no doubt in her mind that he was drunk and he was now gently nawing on her neck. Around them were Sake's friends, all clutching variously colored platic cups filled with alcohol.

From a dark corner Mitch watched the couple laugh and joke with their friends. As Sake moved out of het circle and started to dance happiness glinted in her eyes. He'd never noticed it before, all the times he'd seen her only sadness filled her emerald eyes. It was then, watching Sake dance gleefully that Mitch realized he could not let her die, the boy would have to die. She had more to live for, kindness filled her heart, a kindness that was not in Andrew and never could be. An unbridled sense of indpendence flowed through her veins. He couldn't do it, he just couldn't know that he was the cause of her death. She had never done anything wrong before, but the boy he had done many sins. Mitch concentrated on how she was supposed to die, a drunk driving accident. She was supposed to hit a tree, both would be in the car, but only she would die. The image went away as fast as it had come. When Mitch returned his concentration to Sake, discussing leaving with Andrew.

"I'll wat ten minutes and then leave, okay?" Ther ewas a slight slurr to his words and when he gace Sake a grotesque slap to the butt she recolied in doubt.

"Yeah, okay." Sake swung her arm to dismiss any doubt that Andrew had. There was sadness and doubt clouding her emerald eyes now, she knew she couldn't trust Andrew to drive. But she couldn't either, she was drunk too.



"Going so soon?" Sake's closest friend, Eliza, was shooting her quizzical glances. Eliza knew what Sake was thinking and was hoping that Sake would not leave with Andew.

"Soon." Sake gripped her cup harded, causing Mitch to slide closer to the edge of his seat on a leather couch. The only thing going through his head was to save her. She didn't deserve to die. Because of nervousness Sake started to play with her tongue ring, biting down on the cold metal with her teeth. This only furthered Mitch's nervous twitch, he had to help her. She wasn't ready to die, it was an accident, her death would be an accident, which meant it could be avoided. And the only idea that he had while Sake started to near the door was to punch to closest thing to him. His fist collided with a blonde boy sitting next to him, causing an immediate surge of people towards him. Sake's exit was closed and she was pushed towards the fight. Tires screeching briefly distracted those roaring "fight", but Sake couldn't even hear anything. All she could do was watch Mitch hit the drunk blonde a few times before running out of the house, winking at Sake on his way out. As she watched Mitch flee from the scene she was knocked to the ground. As she wiped a bit of blood from her dripping nose Skae knew she would never forget his face.

Buzz Ring Buzz Ring

Sake turned over in her silky black sheets and blingly groped for her cell phone. Eventually she felt the slick metal in her hand and flipped it open.


"Sake-sob-Sake?" With the sound of sobbing meeting her ears Sake shot up in bed and looked at the caller I.D. It was Eliza.

"Whats wrong Eliza?"

"It's Andrew….sob…..Andrews dead." Sake let the phone drop to the ground and shatter ionto a million silver pieces.

(Author Note: I know exactly how this story is going, so expect quick updates. I'm thinking about eight chapters, but each one should be at least three pages if not longer. And there will be more dialogue in the chatpers coming up.)