I thought it would be great to answer these questions because a lot of you might be sharing the same ones. I'm sorry that I've been making grammar/spelling mistakes. The computer that I am now using has spell check and grammar check, which should make things a hell of a lot easier. Thanks for reviewing kAIT REDFERN and everyone else.

Response to kAIT REDFERN's Questions

Why didn't the police get called after Mitch

stabbed Mike?

Because of the drug activity in the club its supposed to be a no-no to mess with anyone that would stab someone. So pretty much he holds power because of his violence. And he was trying to kill Sake, so technically it could be construed as Self Defense

Where does Mitch have the money to get his clothes, etc? Does he

get paid or is it just magic?

Magic, its easier that way. Because he can't have a job. His job is to be the grim reaper.

Sake's sister is a evil cow. Could she be any more

insensitive? I'm thinking no.

You're not supposed to like her at all. The point of her sister being like that is you're supposed to understand that Sake feels unloved. And her family isn't there for her. I thought her sister would show that very well.

You put thoughts in italic at the beginning but then forget to carry it on at the end

Yeah, sometimes I put in the thoughts, you'll see that in the next chapters. But I didn't continue it the whole time because I felt that later in the chapter I didn't need it.

I plan on updating after I get a lot more chapters of my story "Charades" down. But I'm not just giving up with this story. It's a bit harder to write because the real Mitch and I now hate each other. Lol. Sometimes life just throws you curve balls. But maybe my hate will fuel some damn good chapters. I have part of the next chapter down, but I need to finish it. So expect an update within the next two weeks if I have time. I've been a bit busy and in August I have things to do since I'm going to be a senior in High School.