Forever at a Glance

(Lady Beth, 4-19-02)

Looking into his crystal blue eyes

I see a vision of the future

A vision of fun times and hard times

All in the eyes of the beholder


I see feelings and emotions

No longer hidden inside

I see unshed tears being released

A sight I will always remember


I see a vision of his past

He was a creature of the night

Hiding his thoughts and emotions

Behind a cold wall of defense

Until I made him surrender his heart


As he looks into my eyes

He will see

How much I love him

How true I will be

How my heart belongs only to him



He will see all the pain

And all the hurt that I felt

Until he came and saved me

He'll see my dreams and my hopes

My weaknesses and my faults

All laid out for him to see


He'll see my past and my future

My achievements and my losses

My failures and my pain

All reveled to him


He will see that

He freed my captured soul from the cage it was in

He removed the chains that held my

He healed my painful wounds

All with the power of his love


Now as we stand here

Proclaiming our love

We remember every thing

We shared

And look forward to what we will

For I will always love him

Come what may