Restrictions Apply

Sir, you're not allowed to build here
There's restrictions you see
Thirteen year's has been the limit
You keep tearing down what you start
Don't do that, I say
I said stop that, you're socially unacceptable

That tower over yonder
Casts a shadow over the building
Stop tearing it down
It was just starting to look lovely
All these appearances are deceiving
I'd just as soon look in the mirror, and it's more reliable that's my twin
Do stop building here
There are restrictions I tell you

The stone is splintering
Just stop, I'm begging you
The shards are flying everywhere
and it's hurting something awful
I only wanted to please you
Stop building please
I can't stand to see it tore down one more time
Oh god you're killing me

Please don't build here sir
It's lovely, I know
but your appetite is voracious
and I can't help you anymore
You're too hard to please
I'm just an apprentice
Can't you just be happy

Don't build here please.