Eternal Love

Lady Beth (5-31-01)

Down in the depths of my heart

Beyond the shell of my own creation

Lies the truth of my emotions

My heart remembers things

I refused my mind

It remembers how he made me feel

When he held me in his arms

It remembers how safe it felt

It could tell that I loved him

However, it kept it a secret

He stands across the room now, watching me

It seems his heart knows the truth and he does now as well

As I met his gaze, I can tell

His blue-green eyes tell the story my own long to tell

Of the emotion, my heart refuses to revel

He is walking towards me

Smiling his gorgeous smile my way,

Pulling me towards him

For he specks not to my mind

But directly to my heart

We meet halfway

Instantly in each other's arms

Not caring that we were not alone

We felt safe again We felt whole

As I look into his eyes

I feel the barriers fall away

Finally, my mind and my heart are in sync with each other

And I whisper to him the words

I've always wanted to say

'I love you'

He smiled again, pulling me close

Breaking any barriers, I ever had

He leaned in and whispered into my ear

The words I always wanted to hear

'I love you too.'

His lips touch mine,

and everything is forgotten

All the pain and hurt I have felt

Is washed away with this simple gesture

With that kiss, we seal out fate and our love

Forever we will be together

That day revealed everything to me

It showed me how wonderful love can be

It showed me more then that it seems

Because a soul mate was given to me

Now I finally know why love is such passionate emotion

Torn apart we often are

However, we always know that

When we return

The other will be waiting

Arms wide open to embrace us again

We are never truly far apart

For we always will be connected

By our love, by our souls, by our destiny

We are always within reach of each other

There was once a tale of Eternal love

And I can assure you it is true

Because as I stand here

Admitting my true love for him

And he, his love for me I know our love is the Eternal love

That everyone searches for

And we were lucky to find

I turn my head and look out beside us

At those who collected together

To see my love and I become one

I realize that they believe it too.

Now as I look into the eyes of my son

I remember that true love last forever

The proof is in our son

The little boy smiles

And looks up at me

Knowing he was born into and of love

Eyes that match his fathers shine up at me

With his own love

He is standing beside me, watching as well

As the pure testament of our love

Lies in a blanket in my arms

Basking in his parents love

We look at each other

Yet, neither says a word

Our eyes have already shouted it out

Proclaiming the words of what we felt

'I love you forever, My eternal love'