Jill walked into Jesse's room cautiously. What she saw surprised her, he was dancing, Jesse the hardcore, bad mouthing, crude badass, dancing.

Gliding across the floor melodically wearing a nice red dinner coat that Jill had no Idea where he got it.

He spun around, in rhythm taking no notice of Jill.

Jesse was dancing the Beatles, having his c.d repeating Piggie3s over, and over again.

'Have you seen the little piggies

In their starched white shirts?'

He quit his dancing and glided to the window.

"Do you see all the piggies?" He said addressing Jill.

Jill walked up to the window and peered down form their third floor apartment.

"They are everywhere." Jesse said hop skipping past his sister, and dancing to the music over to his closet.

'Everywhere there's lots of piggies

living piggie lives

you can see them out to dinner.'

The music played on and Jesse rustled through is closet until he pulled out a black 9mm pistol, and a few clips.

'with their piggie wives

clutching forks and knives


Jesse turned to Jill.

"Don't you see it sister, I say we make those piggies lives worse."

Jill saw her brother's logic and was oddly enough comfortable with it.

"To the apartment lobby!" Jesse said light footedly tip toeing through the door behind him, on their way to the elevator Jesse still skipping to the beat of piggies undoubting still playing his head.

"You see sister, I was given the truth through a ummm.. Let's call it a whisper on the wind. It told me how us people are just live stock."

They arrived at the elevator, Jill still had the same odd numb comfort as before. Jesse gleefully pressed the button to the main floor.

"I hope you brought your appetite Jill."

Jesse leapt out of the elevator doors when they reached the lobby waving his nine mill at the frightened people.

"Every single one of you stupid asshole's is just in time for dinner."

He aimed and fired, and kept firing.